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Friday, September 12, 2014

Why traveling alone sucks

I love going new places and seeing new things, but I will admit, the traveling via pretty much any form of mass-transit is less than ideal. Give me a car, a playlist, and the open road, and I'll pick the road trip over a plane trip every time, especially because I really don't mind taking solo road trips. Airports on the other hand? Nope. I hate flying alone. And here's why:

Taking all your stuff with you to bathroom and not having any room to open or close the door. 

Falling asleep on the plane and waking yourself up with your snoring. #whoops #notembarrassingatall

Groups of people traveling together. Like a whole big group of teenage boys on an early morning flight, who make teenage boy style jokes really loudly, and also smell like teenage boys. Or the group of like, twenty, who don't all arrive to security together, but budge in front of people in the security and boarding lines because "oh hey, yeah, I know you planned ahead better and got here earlier than I did, but I'm with them, up there, so I'm just gonna cut in front of you." (Yes, that has actually happened to me. More than once.)

Having no control over who sits by you. When you are traveling with someone, yes, one of you may have to share a side with a stranger, but at least you and your companion can keep each other company. When you're on your own, you have no such luxury. 

Really slow people in security lines. I am one of those who is always prepared for the security lines. I plan ahead, make sure my 3-1-1 bag and computer are easily accessible, wear easy to divest sweaters/jackets, and always wear sneakers in airports. I can whip through a security line in like, no time flat. And yet I seem to always end up stuck behind people who somehow manage to forget they have to take stuff out of their bags, they can't have metal in their pockets, they can't wear shoes, etc. 

Having to be really close to people. I don't really like people as a rule (Steph's "10 Best" posts are some of my favorites) so having to spend hours literally inches away from bunches of them does not do anything to lower my blood pressure. 

Trying to get something to eat in airports. The space is always so limited, and it never fails that I either run into someone, or run over their toes while I'm trying to juggle my suitcase and purse and everything else, and that just always makes me feel bad. Plus, everything is ridiculously, stupidly overpriced. Paying $4.50 for a bottle of water is just dumb. 

What do you love or hate about traveling alone? 


  1. I pretty much love doing EVERYTHING alone! hahaha Except I'm with you on having no control over who you get seated next to... blech.

  2. ARGH REALLY SLOW BITCHES!?! I ALWAYS get behind the mom with her 2 kids and a stroller and they try to be fast, which only makes them slower and just WTF, why me?! Or the dude who seems to have no idea that his laptop can't be IN his bag. You're not saving time assholes, just do what they tell you. There's a reason. /rage!

    Otherwise, I don't mind flying. Even with the strangers and expensive food (although I try to bring snacks). Also, Jetblue is like a whole new flying experience. Pop in some earbuds, turn it to the Spa XM radio station and pretend you're getting a massage, voila, naptime.

  3. Tbh I love travelling alone but only for short flights, trips over four hours I want someone I know with me.. the needing to go to the bathroom is my biggest problem lol

  4. i don't mind travelling alone if it's for short distances. and don't even get me started on slow bitches!!

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  5. I want to come see you in Vegas and we go out! THEN WE CAN GO TRAVEL SOME!!!

  6. HAHA I usually don't mind traveling alone for a short period of time, but taking all of your stuff to the bathroom (and pretty much all of these) really are the worst! Hope you're having a great day! xo Hannah

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