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Monday, May 19, 2014


**I found this prompt in an old Evernote notebook today, but apparently I wasn't smart enough to document where I got it.. So if this is your list that I'm blatantly copying, I'm really sorry, and I mean no offense.**


Stressing me out: Thinking about the BadAss Dash this weekend (which will probably kill me dead), still being far away from Boyfriend, and work. 

Making me cry: Well I'm not crying right now, but I did just write a little note to my not-quite-here-yet niece when I sent her baby shower gift, and I teared up at that a little bit. I'm such a sap. 

Addicted to: KickStarts, duh. What else would there be??

Making me laugh: Thinking about funny inside jokes I have with Boyfriend, and Impractical Jokers show playing in the background

Reading: WAY TOO MANY THINGS. But um, "Loose Girl", "They Never Die Quietly" and "The Nazi Officer's Wife".... to name half of them. I do too many things at once. 

Frustrated with: not losing any weight, being far away from Boyfriend (I just miss that kid..cue iconic teardrop a la Lauren Conrad), work (seems to be a trend), my sore shoulder. 

Resisting: The temptation to spend ALL of my monies on Lulu clothes, the last Girl Scout cookie, the urge to make some snarky comments about some frustrating people, the chocolate mint cookie dough in the fridge, and another cup of coffee

Missing: Boyfriend. Duh. And also Leah.

Loving: Sunshine and blue skies, skype dates with Boyfriend, the brilliance that is Evernote, and having a laundry room closet in my house. 

Wanting: A VACATION, a really long massage, to win the lottery, and more time in the day so I could do more things than just work all the freaking time. :) Be it known, however, that even though work is really frustrating right now, I am incredibly thankful that I have a job. It could always be worse. :) 

What are you up to lately?

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  1. Aww I hope you see the bf soon girl! :)

  2. I like this list, may just steal it from ya one day! and I totally understand the missing the boyfriend dilemma, I was in a long distance relationship for some years! hang on it gets better :)

  3. GAH I alllwaayyysss have to resist Lulu. At least you get Skype dates with the bf! Got to love technology these days. :)

  4. go for that massage girl. does your work give benefits for that? i went for a 90min massage on sunday and omfg the bessssssst!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. come to pittsburgh to begin your vaca and then we'll go from there. Beach!


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