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Thursday, May 1, 2014

i am roasting

Oh hey there everybody. How's tricks? 

I wasn't planning on blogging today, mostly because um, work (lame), but then I saw this link up from Juliette and changed my mind. 

The Other Juliette

The point of a honey roast is basically to be the opposite of a.....regular roast(?) I guess. So instead of making fun of myself, I say nice things about myself. Everybody get it? Yes? Moving on. 

// I am really, really patient with people as a general rule. There are a few who can make my blood boil pretty quickly, but for the most part, I'm usually able to handle nonsense for a really long time before I get irritated. And even when I'm irritated I can still go for a long time. 

// I have really neat handwriting. 

// I like making keepsakes, and I do a fairly decent job of documenting life happenings for posterity. Or just for myself to see and remember later on. Whatever. 

// I can make my nephews laugh a lot, and their laughs are pretty much the cutest sounds ever, so that's awesome. 

// I'm really competitive in that I like winning and I'll try hard and all that, but also really not at all competitive in that I usually end up feeling bad if I win, especially if know the other person really wanted to. I will never LET someone win, but it really doesn't bother me if I get beat in a game. 

// I can ration Oreos pretty well. I have had a box of them sitting on my desk for the past week, and I only let myself eat 3 or 4 a day, if that, despite my ridiculous desire from yesterday to literally do nothing but sit and eat Oreos and watch Damon do awesome un-dead stuff on "The Vampire Diaries". 

// I love deeply and fully. I don't half-ass it and call it good. I have a lot of love to give and I think I give it well. And I'm really nice. I'm a person who will always try to be nice, and will always have good intentions.. Though I will admit that sometimes I am misguided about how I come across to people, or in the way I speak/write. 

// I am really pretty organized and neat. And I am learning the value of the phrase "less is more". 

// I will go out of my way to make someone else's day better, or to help those I love. 

// I am a really good reader. I love reading, and I'm really fast (like 500 wpm fast), so I can burn through books pretty quickly. 

// I am willing to admit when I am wrong and apologize if necessary. I prefer to look at things I mess up as opportunities to fix things and get better, and in that sense, I almost prefer things to be my fault, because then I am the one in control of fixing it, and I know that I can change it. 

// I am really good at stealing borrowing blog post ideas from other people because they come up with better ones than I do. (That counts, right??)(P.S. I always give people credit if I use their idea. Just FYI.)

What do YOU like about yourself?
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  1. yes, giving credit where credit is due is important (heh and *wink*).

    i love this! we're too hard on ourselves that it's time we focused on what's awesome about each of us. i'm a fast reader as well; i can take a joke, rarely get offended and loyal to a fault...until you wrong me and then watch your ass! LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I will fully admit that I couldn't ration a box of oreos to save my life. I like to think I'm really patient with people though. At least, that's what my husband says!


  3. Loving fully and deeply is a great characteristic! Good on you and frankly being nice is awesome thing, I hate when people aren't nice. x

  4. Ok being able to ration oreos is a skill i have yet to master. I'm glad you did this!

  5. I wish I had more patience... and that I could ration my food better! hahaha


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