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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

on wednesdays, we wear pink

it's wednesday and that means confessin'. rumor has it that's good for the soul.

here we do go:

// i am not at all the mood to capitalize stuff right now. is that terrible? probably. don't care.

// i woke up this morning totally thinking it was friday. don't ask me why. but then i got my coffee and sat down at my desk, and realized it was tuesday, and that really freaking sucked.

// sometimes i watch "the office" in the background while i'm working, and it's the only thing that makes me not feel like throwing my computer out the window.

// when i was younger, like in my really early twenties, i used to have this stupid dream to be on MTV's "the real world". totally stupid, right? nevertheless, the wish was there. i actually almost went to a casting call when they were in chicago one time, but uh....i couldn't find the place, sooooooo. that's how that happened.

// sometimes the scar on my eyebrow still really hurts/itches, twenty years later. and there is no way to fix it really, save for hitting myself like i've got an eyebrow weave. not ideal.
weave pat
// also, i'm not actually wearing pink. #rebel

// i am super annoyed at a lot of things, but right now, my main source of irritation is the fact that it's been ten years - TEN YEARS - since "friends" ended, and that is just a travesty. that was one of the most perfect, well-written, hilarious shows ever aired and i wish there was more new stuff to it. 

// i used to hate coffee. now my mornings just don't feel complete without it. and also kick starts. because holy deliciousness, batman. 

// people kind of weird me out a little bit. blogging is weird, because you can meet a lot of really cool people, but then also there are a lot of crazies that show up. and then there's drama, which just seems weird. aren't we all (mostly) adults here? can't we all just get along, and live and let live? 

// i lead a very boring life. which is why i really don't have a whole lot to confess today. sorry to be a complete lameo. 

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  1. Hey Jordan! Oh I love the office, if its on I put it on in the back round while I work too. Somehow it just keeps me sane!! And p.s. Im not wearing pink. And I really don't care, lol.


  2. i had a comment all ready for you but goddamn blogger keeps on eating my shizz!!

    the blogging drama is hilarious. there are some wackass people out there *eyewink*

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Your scar still hurts? I wonder why that is. And I hate those days when you think its Friday and its really only Tuesday. Those are the worst.

  4. Ironically I wore pink today and I wasn't even aware that it was 10 years since Mean Girls. I felt kind of cool though, saying that I was wearing pink.
    It's funny, well not really funny, but I get ghost pains on occasion too. Sometimes my arm will get really sore where I broke it.

  5. I wore pink on wednesday, it kind of annoyed me how no one picked that up that I met, I mean, Mean Girls set the standard and colour for Wednesdays ;) I know what you mean about "Friends" - there hasn't been a show to rival how great that one was, and they've had 10 years to work on it!


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