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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

but i mean really, why do we have to title these things?

It would appear that I have been on a very regular posting-only-twice-a-week kick lately. Not sure what that's about. I always have more to say, but it seems as though I can never get it down on paper (or on..interweb, I guess). And work has been really busy lately, so I have gotten behind in stuff, and I have emails I need to write to people, and other people I need to talk to, and LOTS more stuff to do for work than I think I even remember, and just good grief people, I am not loving all the busyness! I just want to sit down and spend my time reading good books and eating cupcakes. Honestly, is that really too much to ask? 


Anyway, so I'm linking up with this charming Canadian again for some hump-day confessions. And also with Miss Fitness for the blog hop. 
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// I have been doing a lot of watching The Office lately. I'm almost finished with the whole series, actually, which kind of bums me out a little bit. The whole thing definitely went downhill after Steve Carrell left.. That man is comedic genius. And also, watching it always makes me think of my friend Kaylee who loves it too, so sometimes I will send her pictures of what I'm watching just to make her jealous. Apparently I'm a brat. 

// I re-arranged my office again over the weekend. I pretty much do that every weekend.. Does that mean I like to change things up regularly, or that I just refuse to be satisfied?? Hmmm. 

// I cried yesterday for absolutely no reason at all. Sometimes being a girl is basically the most annoying thing on the planet. 

// I made a goal earlier to read 75 books this year. And while I do think it's completely doable, I'm really behind on that. If people have any book recommendations, please send them my way!

// I bought a subscription to PhotoShop because I need it for some work things, and I am loving it. If you follow me on the Twit, you know that I figured out how to make glitter letters with this awesome PhotoShop tutorial from Sarah. I'm kind of ridiculously excited about that. 

// I made a frozen pizza for lunch on Monday and I could only eat like 3 pieces total, and then I was just not interested in it at all. So now the leftovers are sitting in my fridge and I either have to eat them or waste the pizza, which would be bad. I should probably just stop buying them. 

// I made a pasta/chicken/feta cheese thing last week....and it was AWFUL. I don't know how in the world I managed to make it so disgusting, but it was seriously terrible. So that was unfortunate. And also embarrassing, because even though I don't always make the most delicious or pretty dishes, they're usually at least passable. 

// I signed up to run the BadAss Dash at the end of May with Dedra, Zack, Jolynn, Dad, and Boyfriend. It's a 7k race with anywhere from 25-32 obstacles in it, and I'm fairly certain that signing up for it was one of the stupidest decisions I have ever made because I will probably die. On the bright side though, I will have to start training for it, which means that I have built-in workouts ready to tackle for the #1800MinuteChallenge, so that's definitely a win. 

And that's all she wrote, folks. What are your midweek confessions?
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  1. pixlr.com is a free online photoshop-esque program that i use instead of PS because i'm too cheap to dole out that kind of cash :)

    and you'll have so much fun at that race, i promise! such a great bonding experience :)

    thanks for linking up!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Hey Jordan!! I am seriously OB-sessed with that show. Like no lie. He is* such a genius and I completely agree it went downhill after he was gone. And about the cry thing, I sweeear that happened to me this morning. My eyes welled for nooo reason and out came tears. I was super happy my b/f was still sleeping otherwise #awkward. And as for photo shop my bf is pretty good and he showed me some pointers this week. Sadly I dont think ill be going much past aligned numbered items, lol! Keep up the great work Jordan! HAGW my dear! xx


  3. I also cried yesterday for no reason. Maybe subsconsciously it was because its April and STILL cold?!

  4. I've done the crying for no reason thing. Or sometimes I feel like I want to tear up. Its the worst sometimes.

  5. Can't believe the Office is over. The Dash sounds fun and having to train for it will be a good motivator.

  6. My favorite author is Kristan Higgins. IMO, you can't go wrong with anything of hers. (Try Too Good to be True to start. It's my favorite. Though Catch of the Day is pretty cute too!)
    Amanda at His and Her Hobbies

  7. I wish there was someway to get the blog post I write in my head magically posted in real life because that would be all kinds of awesome. I find that they are lack luster the second time around.... but anyway.
    I'm so over the whole crying for no reason just because I am a girl thing, which by the way is not so fun when you are raising two girls who have somehow already activated this gene!

  8. I am way behind on blogging. Reading and commenting. and getting all the blogs i read on the old blog over to the new blog. Trying to do so now since GFC is back up and running after not working for weeks/months.

  9. I don't know how a pasta/chicken/feta cheese thing could go wrong! What a bummer. I would really like to get photo shop, but I know what a slacker I am about learning to use things, so I'm afraid to take the plunge and let my money go to waste. I'm glad you're loving it, though!

    PS, I just finished typing this and realized this post isn't from yesterday. Commenting anyways, even though I feel awkward when I comment on week+ old posts ;)

  10. I'm a frozen pizza lovin' FOOL! I usually eat the entire thing. No shame in my game! DON'T YOU DARE WASTE THAT SHIT!


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