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Thursday, April 17, 2014

I never thought I'd...

Sometimes in life people come up with amazing ideas for blog posts and then they do nice things like turn them into a linkup, thus allowing you to be lazy and steal their idea and have a blog post and meet new peoples all for the bargain price of nothing at all. And right now that person is Juliette. 

The Other Juliette

I never thought I'd...live in Las Vegas again. And yet here I am, and I am obsessed. Desert southwest weather for the win, guys. 

I never thought I'd...do long distance again, either. And yet here I am. I am NOT obsessed with this part of living in Vegas, just for the record. But it's a thing, and it's what is happening for the moment, so I am making the best of it and counting the days until we don't have to do it anymore. :) 

I never thought I'd...become a complete and total candle snob, but I am, and now at any given time (when I am home and awake), I usually have a candle burning. And it's usually Bath and Body Works. 

I never thought I'd...really enjoy working out, but now that I've started Zumba, I'm all about it. This could have something to do with the fact that Miss Eva is probably the best Zumba teacher there ever was or will be, and her energy is ridiculously contagious, or it may just be that I really like dancing because it doesn't really feel like a workout. Either way, I'll take it. 

I never thought I'd...start to choose healthier foods because I like them better than the unhealthy ones, I only thought I'd do it out of guilt. But now all of a sudden I am realizing that I feel a lot better when I eat the healthy stuff, and so I do that instead. 

I never thought I'd...have an iPad. I thought they were totally trendy/stupid/an unnecessary waste of money, but now that I have one, I use it constantly and it makes getting work done in places other than my office about a billion times easier. 

I never thought I'd...enjoy having a Kindle. I am someone who loves books (seriously, Barnes & Noble is my happy place. The smell of ink, and paper, and binding......bliss), so the idea of giving up a real, live, can-stick-your-face-in-the-binding-and-sniff kind of book was really not cool to me. And then I got a Kindle for Christmas a couple years ago and I realized that buying/borrowing books on a Kindle is way more convenient than driving to the bookstore every couple of days when I finish a book, and it's usually cheaper, and it's only like 78786743546876 times more easy to move one tiny little Kindle filled with 250 books than it is to move 250 actual books. 

I never thought I'd...have a blog again. I had a Xanga like ten years ago, and I was never very popular on it, so I kind of lost my mojo. This was back when I cared about being popular on the interwebs, and totally compared myself to all these other Xangans I followed who always had like, 50 comments and 100 eprops on every post, and I was just like, "I only got two comments and one of them only gave me one eprop instead of the default two, so clearly, I'm a loser and should just quit because I'll never make it and people are probably judging me and wishing I would just stop it already anyway, so I'll do everybody a favor and give up." Stupid. And now I'm still not popular, but the beauty here is that I really can't even be bothered to care. 

I never thought I'd...seriously considering eschewing the law in favor of not actually having health insurance. Yes, I know that health insurance is a really important thing, and it's way better to have it than not. But seriously? This whole ObamaCare thing can suck an egg as far as I'm concerned. Affordable insurance for everyone, my ass. My insurance price shot up over 200% per month in January, and my coverage went down. The whole thing just blows. 

I never thought I'd...be actually terrified of using the internet. And now I totally am, because uhhhh Heartbleed, and yet I still have no choice at all but to use the internet for basically all the things. WHAT DID WE DO BEFORE WE HAD INTERNET???

I never thought I'd...actually voluntarily eat eggs. Strangely enough, those slimy little things actually taste sort of okay when they're cooked and seasoned right. Who knew?! 

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  1. Xanga! Oh man. I totally forgot about that!! I totally used that too! And eggs???? YUM. I seriously could eat a whole plate of deviled eggs like no one's business. I also felt guilty going to the darkside by using my iPad for reading books. Some of them are just so huge to carry around! It's definitely more travel-friendly for a book ho like me! :)

  2. I'm so glad you linked up! I never thought I'd do long distance again either ... you would think it gets easier with time, wouldn't you????

  3. I love my Kindle, too!!!! Never leave home without it!

  4. I'm wanting another tablet maybe even a kindle. I hear they are good and I love to read. I'd probably go broke buying books LOL. hell i got books here at home i haven't ever read and they are brand new. I had xanga too and I love it better than blogger b/c you can set your page private and only you say who read its. although Live journal is better. it doesn't have a set number of folks of who can be on your private list unlike xanga.


    I don't really know if I mean that, but it's Friday and I don't feel good and I love you. Win.


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