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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ramblings of the day...

I came across this article on the Psychology Today blog today. It really takes the topic of making a “to-don’t list” from my post this morning and goes further. The author’s encouragement that people dig into themselves to discover the reasons they do certain things. I think it’s true that when people do more of what they “want”, i.e. doing stuff for themselves and not because they feel like they’re supposed to, in the long run, they really are happier people. But that’s just my own opinion.

Sometimes in life I get ridiculously stressed out, and then I can’t eat or sleep. It’s really frustrating.

I used to get into a lot of different television shows. I would let myself get lost in the story lines, and would become really emotionally involved with the characters. These days, I don’t usually have the energy to do that, plus some of the shows that I used to like got boring to me. One show, however, that has never gotten boring, is Bones. No matter what happens in the episodes, I always end up learning something and walking away feeling smarter. I think that’s way better television than any of the stupid reality shows that exist today, except that I am obsessed with Food Network shows lately. Cupcake WarsChopped, and Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives are my three favorites, although I will generally choose Iron Chef over whatever other silly drivel might be on television when I’m watching, too.

I think psychology is beyond fascinating. I love trying to figure out how the brain works, what makes people tick, what makes people behave a certain way, how trauma early in life affects behavior later on, and so on and so forth. And speaking of psychology, human sexuality is also wildly intriguing to me. I’m planning to finish my bachelor’s in psychology, and I’ll get to take a Psychology of Sexuality course, and I am completely excited about it.

I wish I did more yoga. Obviously, that’s something that I can fix and just haven’t yet, but I like doing it, and I wish I had the time and money to go to classes all the time. I bet my joints would ache less, plus I’d have the added benefit of being a lot more flexible, and who doesn’t want that for themselves, right?!

I need to learn to organize my brain better. I think that would go a long way towards making me feel less stressed as a general rule. 

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