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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


toy story

I almost got t-boned on my way to work this morning. People who don't pay attention to red lights and/or think that red lights don't actually apply to them make me crazy. Also on the list of people who make me crazy - drivers who will tailgate someone through a 4-way stop. THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS, GENIUS. Take the 15 seconds to wait your turn like everybody else, and then that way you won't cause accidents that are your fault because you're an idiot. 

I'm totally having a lazy dressing day, and I'm wearing black yoga pants with a gray t-shirt to work today. BUT, the office is business casual, and I am wearing dress flats with the outfit, so I'm still okay, right? 

I didn't sleep much last night, and was sniffling and feeling generally awful for the duration, so when I got up this morning, I pretty much looked like death had hit me in the face. I did the best I could with some mascara, a little foundation, and lots of concealer under the eyes, but apparently, to no avail. One of my oh-so-sweet coworkers found it necessary to tell me, "you look really terrible, like you don't feel well or something." To which I wanted to reply, "Wow, no shit, Sherlock. Thanks for informing I look like crap, because I never look in mirrors, and didn't already know that, and don't already feel about a billion times worse than I  look." But I refrained, and just said that I wasn't actually feeling well, and then thanked her for her concern...that she didn't show. Not sure if that makes me sweet or passive aggressive. Whatever. 
Apparently, this is me today (except replace the word "school" with "work"): 
getting ready for school

I have also had like four cups of coffee this morning, just to keep my eyes open. Not ideal, since coffee tends to make me shaky and high-strung anyway, and when I haven't had food with it too, then this happens. So that's neat. 

I don't really have any work projects to do right now, so I'm spending my time adding all kinds of books to my to-read shelf on Goodreads based on absolutely nothing more than cover art. Maybe one of these days I'll have the time to read constantly. Like when I take a year-long vacation from life and live on a tropical island and wear nothing but a bikini and sunglasses and maybe like a maxi skirt sometimes, and drink delicious things out of coconuts and put flowers in my hair. 

You can all come visit me on whatever island I decide to grace with my presence, by the way. Bring me a steak and blue cheese salad from Panera when you do. 

Peace out. 

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  1. This sounds just like my day. Minus the getting t-boned part because I don't drive. Thank goodness you didn't get hit.
    I often get told I look sick if I don't use under eye concealer. Thanks people.


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