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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My #9to5 Schedule

Venus Trapped in Mars

Linking up with the lovely Sarah (who just redid her blog - it looks fabulous!) and Helene for this fun topic today!

A day in my life... 

Okay, to be perfectly honest, putting my daily grind into a definable schedule is actually really tough. Every day is a little bit different, since I am self-employed, and have to adjust my daily schedules to accommodate client needs. 

I am officially a small business administrative consultant, which means I do virtual assistant type work for my clients. Depending on the client, my work might include writing a blog post, creating a marketing/social media plan, processing company bills and creating company invoices to their clients, handling employee/contractor onboarding, processing expense reports, etc. At any given time, I will be playing the part of Marketing/Human Resources/Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Director, depending on which client I'm doing work for, and what their particular needs are that day. 
home office
This is what my desk looks like when I'm organized
I try really hard to stick to a pretty regular 8am-5pm schedule, both for my own sanity, and to make sure my clients know they can depend on me to be available during regular business hours. Most weeks, I work closer to 70 hours than 40, though, so I am very often still sitting at my computer doing work late into the evenings and on weekends. 

I hate eating right away in the morning, so I usually take a little break for breakfast around 9:30-10:00 or so. Lunch generally happens around 1:30-2, or whenever I get hungry. Or if I get really busy, a lot of times I just completely forget about lunch, and then wonder why I'm so grumpy and annoyed with everything by 4pm.

I'm really lucky, because I live right next door to my sister's family right now, so when I need a break from the computer, or a little pick me up, I walk over there and play with my nephews for a few minutes. There's just something about the laughter of children that makes adult problems seem so silly. :) 

The things that remain the same every day include at least one cup of coffee in the morning, one kick start in the afternoon, at least one moment when I knock my head against my desk a few times, a few minutes of a dance party when things get stressful, and music or a movie playing in the background most of the time. And that my office is generally no more organized than this (a picture I took right at this moment, for the post):
home office
This is why my desk usually looks like in the middle of the day - stuff EVERYWHERE. I usually have to stop a couple of times a day to organize everything and put it back where it belongs so I can focus.

So that's my day! What does your day look like? 

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  1. This looks very official. I even like the less organized look!

  2. I had no idea about your job. That is very cool Jordan. Do your clients hire you as a contractor?

  3. Ok i love your desk! And I want to know - how did you get started in this? It sounds awesome!!

  4. Wow 70 hours a week!! And I love your desk. Email me to teach me how you made yours cute

  5. Your desk space is fantastic! I've been looking at getting some organizers for mine, and yours is exactly what I want mine to look like.

    Working from home sounds awesome, but I think a lot of people end up working waaay more that way. How you stay sane with 70 hours of work, I cannot comprehend!


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