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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What, you don't do all your confessing on Wednesdays? Weirdo.

Vodka and Soda

I confess // that I am LOVING this fancy new confession button. I have thought he was pretty cute ever since he dropped into Mystic Falls as the hottest bad-boy-vamp around, so I am all about having him on my page. 

I confess // this is the first time in a REALLY long time that I have posted twice on the same day. I usually can't even handle posting twice in one week. But I mean.....there were link ups I wanted to do. So I had to. :0 

I confess // I have tried and tried, but I still can't get myself to actually like eating eggs.. The yolky egg sandwiches Boyfriend makes are pretty good, so that's the only exception.. But eggs in general are just gross. 

I confess // I saw something on Twitter on Father's Day that made me really sad.. A blogger (who I have really admired, and followed for quite some time) made a comment that I found really disappointing, and now I feel a little bit disenchanted with not only the blogger (which sucks, because I had always found this blogger to be both funny and real, two of the best qualities a blogger can have, I think), but somewhat with the whole concept of blogging in general. That may be a little bit of a dramatic reaction, I'll admit...but it's still how I feel. 

I confess // I haven't gotten a pedicure in a while, and even though I know that I can cut and polish my own toe nails, I still feel like my feet are gross if it's not professionally done. Vain? Probably. But I don't like feet generally, so I like to do whatever I can to make my own feet prettier. 

I confess // I kind of wish that I had grown up watching more Saturday Night Live! or whatever it was called, so that I could have known it when it was awesome and actually funny.. But I wasn't really allowed to watch much TV of any kind when I was growing up, so Saturday nights on NBC were definitely off-limits. 

I confess // I definitely need to make more time in my life for reading for fun. It's such a wonderful, relaxing thing. I also need to make more time in my life for laying out by a pool somewhere, since that's pretty dang relaxing too. 

I confess // I actually really enjoy the HR portion of my job. Payroll, employee onboarding, etc... I am finding that I totally like doing stuff like that. 

I confess // sometimes when I reach out to people (other bloggers, mostly) I get really freaking nervous. I don't know why - when I am thinking rationally, I generally assume that other bloggers respond to unsolicited emails like the "hey, just saying hi" ones I sometimes send in much the same way I would.. A smile, a moment of feeling appreciated and noticed (always nice things), and then a response to whoever wrote. But I still get nervous, because I'm reaching out to someone I admire, and people are unpredictable, and it can be really a let down when people don't respond the way you wish they would. 

I confess // studying is not my strong suit. I love learning, but like..mostly I just wish I knew all the stuff, and that I didn't find the actual "learning" part of knowing stuff so hard sometimes. 

I confess // I have a really strong desire to go stand-up paddle boarding sometime. I was looking at a website of a company in San Diego that offers paddle boarding training and tours, and hot DAMN, I wanna go. 

I confess // that I am generally terrified of water if I can't see through it....except when I'm in the ocean. Lakes and rivers? No thanks, but the ocean (home to WAY more things that can kill me, and also has the ability to kill me all on its own without the help of its inhabitants)? Yep, take me there. Paradoxical, I know. 

Aannnnnd now my brain is tired, so that's all you get. Peace out!

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  1. i've become disenchanted with bloggers too. they do something that throws you off and all of a sudden, the haze falls from your eyes and you see them for who they are. totally disappointing. oh well.

    thanks for linking up!

  2. Some bloggers have fallen fro grace so to speak in my eyes as time goes on too ... Im talking before blogging myself though but people are human and make mistakes and say stupid crap I guess. I hope your excitement builds back up :)

  3. I'm with you on the pedicure thing! Professional is the way to go!! :) I would love to do stand up paddle boarding also. However, I can trip over air and sometimes lose my balance standing still. Sad, but true. It has me wondering if I would just splash into the water a lot.

  4. Hi. I'll need names please. You know I love gossip. Also? The paddle board thing is super random BUT NOW I WANT TO so let's make that happen in our trip. Whenever we see each other.

  5. I'm super nervous about reaching out to bloggers because they may feel weird about it lol

  6. I totally agree about Saturday Night Live. I have a feeling if I had seen more SNL I wouldn't despite Will Ferrell. Or maybe I would.. but probably not.

  7. Eggs totally gross me out! If they're an ingredient in something, I'm okay with it... but, if they're the main attraction: BLECH!


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