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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm the kind of girl who...

What a fantastic idea this is. Love it. 

...wishes she were cool enough to drink black coffee

...yearns to travel the world, to learn, explore, discover, and change

...strives for self-awareness

...thinks showers (and all of the stupid "getting ready" aftermath of showers) are completely overrated

...wishes she was a gourmet chef

...has a difficult time narrowing down a career plan and committing to the appropriate education

...loves beauty products and makeup but doesn't use them very often

...overthinks EVERYTHING

...has no trouble at all drinking all the water she is supposed to drink (on most days, anyway)

...loves to talk about everything

...actually really enjoys flossing her teeth

...is slowly but surely turning into a homebody/introvert

...will drop everything to be there when someone she loves needs her

...LOVES high heels, but can't wear them, like ever

...is a hopeless romantic and totally swoons over the cheesiest stuff like flowers or photo strips or forehead kisses

...hates cleaning showers and mopping floors, but actually enjoys cleaning the rest of the bathroom

...works hard to recognize and overcome flaws

...is usually always smiling or laughing about something

...forgives easily

...is completely in love with oceans

...believes in the amazing power of positive mental processes

...loves to make people laugh

...loves sunshine and warm weather and absolutely hates cold and snow

...thinks blogging is totally weird, but also completely awesome

...gets easily distracted

...could eat at Chipotle every single day and be completely, blissfully happy

...loves deeply and fully

...is learning how to stand up for herself, and working on finding courage to ask for what she needs

...loves reading and is always looking for good suggestions for books

...loves snuggling babies, especially her nephews

...is late to linkups and forgets to post A LOT of the time 


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  1. mmmmmmmmm Chipotle ...
    I wish I were cool enough for black coffee! I did it for a few weeks some years ago but now ... nope. Can't do it.

  2. Oh this is a great idea. I'm the type of girl who loves showers but hates getting all dolled up. And I agree I have slowly become more of an introvert and homebody. I like it better that way.

  3. So Funny! I always wanted to drink black coffee...it seems os I dunno...tough. Sadly I can't take it...I'm a true coffee addict but black is just beyond me! :D

  4. confession: i have never eaten at chipotle. i heard there's a location in toronto but i've never seen it and people are raving about it. is it anything like Chili's?

    Vodka and Soda


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