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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

1. Favorite breakfast food
This depends on the day - I don't think I really have a "favorite", per se. I do really like Boyfriend's egg sandwiches, and I'm also a pretty big fan of chicken fried steak with biscuits and gravy a la Denny's or Perkins, though.

2. Best way to spend a free day
Outside, in sunshine. Partially spending it with someone I love, and also partially spending it completely alone with nothing but a book and an iced coffee for company.

3. Airline ticket to anywhere in the world...where would you go and why?
I'd go on a vacation to Bora Bora. The ocean always calms me, and sunshine, crystal clear waters, and bungalows just sounds like heaven to me right now

4. You can only leave the house with one thing...what is it?
My mom gave me a statue for Christmas a few years ago.. It's really special and meaningful to me, and also completely irreplaceable.

5.How do you take your coffee?
With lots of flavored creamer.. usually a French vanilla or vanilla caramel variety

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  1. days with only books and iced coffee always make me the most happy person ever.

  2. I said Bora Bora too... it looks amazing! Now if only someone would give me the money to go there :)


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