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Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend recap

Hey Everybody. Happy Monday, or whatever. Since I work from home, Mondays are not really all that terrible. I set my own hours as well, so it's not like I have to go from sleeping in on the weekend to waking up really early or something ridiculous like that, either. I usually can't sleep must past 7:00am anymore anyway. I'm not so much grateful for that, but I do very much love and appreciate the fact that I have so much flexibility in my job and in my life.

I had a pretty fun weekend, all things considered. On Friday, I felt kind of miserable most of the day, so I laid low on Friday night and didn't do a whole lot other than hang out over at Dedra &Zack's for a while. I treated myself to Chipotle for dinner, and not five minutes after I started eating it, Dedra came over to tell me she was sending Zack to Chipotle, and to ask if I wanted anything. Figures. :) I went to bed earlyish that night after chatting with Boyfriend for a while, with the intention to sleep as late as possible the next morning.

"As late as possible" turned out to be 6:15am....not quite the relaxing morning for which I had hoped. Oh well. I spent a couple hours just resting, then wandered over to Dedra and Zack's and got drafted to help Zack film this video, which was actually quite amusing. Dedra and I hit up Zumba class with Eva at The Z Spot again, which was fantastic. I didn't even fall this time, guys. #progress

I was feeling restless on Saturday afternoon, so I decided to go to a movie at Town Square. Zack got home from the gym in time for Dedra to come with me, so we had a fun little sister date. We saw "That Awkward Moment", which we were a little worried was actually going to be uncomfortable to watch together, but it really wasn't (with the exception of just a couple parts). Overall, it was a really cute movie, and I enjoyed it a lot. And not just because Zac Efron was in it...even though my uber-creepy self has had a ridiculous crush on that boy since he the first High School Musical came out. I know...I'm disgusting.

Anyway, we also stopped at the Gap and each got a shirt on clearance, and then we hit up YogurtLand for some fro-yo amazingness. YogurtLand was one of the things I missed the most about Vegas when I was gone, so I have been dying to go ever since I came back. I ended up mixing cake batter and red velvet flavors with strawberry lemonade sorbet, which you wouldn't think would be all that good, but was surprisingly delicious. And then I of course added a bunch of toppings to make the whole thing completely unhealthy, but oh well, I loved it, so there you go.

On Sunday, I cleaned and cooked and then Jolynn was here and Zack and Dedra brought the boys and we all watched the Super Bowl at my house. We were all rooting for the Broncos, so it was a pretty disappointing game for us, but it was still really fun to hang out. Afterwards, I cleaned up a bit and then had a lovely two hour phone conversation with Boyfriend before calling it a night.

And now I'm back to the grind! Work, Zumba tonight and tomorrow, some work on Boyfriend's V-Day present (hopefully), and who knows what else?! It's gonna be a good week, I can feel it. :)

Have a great week everybody!

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