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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Stupid stuff that is annoying

Yesterday, the lovely Juliette tweeted this:
Since I'm always annoyed about everything, I immediately got annoyed at her for acting like she'd win a contest like that, thus proving my own point responded by saying that I would be able to give her a run for her money in such a contest. 

And now, since I know everybody is like, ridiculously curious about what stupid things annoy me, since I'm the Queen of the Annoyed, I made you all a list. You're welcome. 

Things that annoy the ever-living daylights out of me (in no particular order):

...being at the end of a line, be it long or short. I just hate being last. 
...having to wait. For anything. Ever. 
...people who sit in MY seats at the movie theater (back row, center. Do not try to steal them from me. I will cut you.)
...scissors that leave a little indent in my finger when I use them
...people who mumble
...people who change lanes/turn without using their blinker
...also people who turn into the wrong lane (aka NOT the nearest lane)
...having to do math
...stupid household chores like cleaning the shower or taking out the garbage
...people walking too slowly in front of me
...anyone who passes me, ever, whether its on the road, or out walking 
...when people stop in the middle of the walkway and I have to go around them
...restaurant hostesses who think they're hot sh*t just cuz they control seating. We get it you're a big deal. Whatever. 
...when people eat something off my plate
...printers that take too long to print
...toilets that flush/refill loudly 
...redundancy in text, and authors who consistently use the same turn of phrase
...being put on hold. EVER. 
...radio DJs who talk too much between songs
...tv commercials that don't make me laugh
...people who talk too loudly in coffee shops
...service people who don't seem over-the-top excited about their customer service
...people who aren't me who talk in movies (but of course, it's okay if I do it)
...when people start sentences and don't finish them
...having to listen to the same story multiple times (I literally subject people to this exact fate like, every single day. I am the worst.)
...websites that don't load IMMEDIATELY
...when TV shows that I love end or get cancelled
...when smart people make stupid decisions (because le duh, I would never make a stupid decision myself, obviously)
...people who routinely refuse to drink regular water and insist on drinking sparkling water
...when people leave me voice mails (although there are some exceptions to that rule..like family and Boyfriend. But that's pretty much it.)
...when mail gets crinkled or crumpled in my mailbox 

See? I told you I'm easily annoyed. 

What little things irritate you the most? 

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  1. OH MY GOSH when people don't use their blinker I LOSE MY SHIT. I love that my tweet inspired your post!

  2. Hahah I'm reading this and thinking "everything really does annoy her" and it reminded that the other day I said I really liked being a hairstylist except that I hate doing old people, teenagers, little kids, babies, people who bring in pictures, picky people, people who have no opinion..etc etc. Basically I ended up listing everything which means I probably don't like my job. Hah

  3. People say I mumble..uh oh!!! And about those back movie seats. Move it...Those are MINE!!! Seriously. And I hate math as well. It sucks.

  4. Those are all my most annoying things too! THE BLINKER DEAR GOD. You'd think that if people had to use their blinkers their entire car would implode or something.

  5. lmao. i love you. "people who talk in movies. but of course it's okay if i do" so effing funny.

  6. this list that does not annoy me as well! Your are hilarious lol. I followed your blog via GFC + Bloglovin. I would love it if you followed back. Xo



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