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Friday, June 21, 2013

Confessional Friday!!! {Link-up}

Hello Everyone! Who's ready to confess?? This week's theme is "Random Facts about Myself." So here we go!!


I confess… that even though I really do like drinking coffee, I can’t drink it black. In fact, I have to put in so much flavored creamer that I’ve been told that I don’t drink coffee with creamer, I drink creamer with coffee.

I confess… that I seriously can’t do any kind of high-level math beyond a 6th grade level to save my life. Embarrassing, but true.

I confess… that I am that annoying girl who will quote movies and TV shows while I’m watching them.

I confess… that when I drive long distances, I like to put my foot up on the dashboard, hang my arm out the window, turn the music way up….and then I dance. While I’m driving. It’s awesome.

I confess… that I cannot seem to regulate my body temperature when I am trying to sleep. I usually go through a covers on/covers off cycle at least twice before just giving up and sticking a foot out over the edge. I don’t know why I don’t just start with the foot out and skip the rest of it…

I confess… that I love singing. I really do. And I’m terrible at it, honestly, but I just really enjoy doing it. So my apologies to everyone who is ever within earshot..

I confess… that it seriously freaks me out to walk through a locker room or indoor pool area without flip flops.

I confess… that I cannot paint my own nails, like ever. My left hand usually is passable, and my right hand always sucks.

I confess… that I pretty much always chew my straws.

I confess… that I type really, really fast.

I confess… that apart from having one leg sticking out off the side of the bed, I usually have to be kicking my foot to fall asleep.

I confess… that I have to have a window seat on airplanes, otherwise I tend to have a pretty serious internal freakout.

I confess… that my favorite “comfort food” meal is pasta with tomato juice (not spaghetti sauce). Pure deliciousness!

I confess... that I seriously get the WORST writer's block. I will have a million ideas all of the time, and I'll even write them down and write drafts and stuff for when I feel uninspired, and it really doesn't even matter...I still struggle. Drat. :-/

What do you want to confess? Let's hear it! 


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how similar we are... my goodness. ha I was reading and going "yep, that's me...Oh! I do that too....Oh yeah, that one sounds familiar"...Yikes.

    1. Haha..you and I are basically the same person, so I'm not surprised that we have a million things in common!!

  2. I am glad you are both my girls...


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