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Friday, June 28, 2013

Confessional Friday - {Link-up}


Happy Friday, everyone! Lovely Leslie has given me the opportunity to throw a whole new bag of confessions at you this week, so let's get to it! 


I confess… that I hate it when people use incorrect words or spellings.

I confess… that it drives me nuts when people don’t clean up after themselves in public restrooms. There is no reason for you to leave toilet paper on the floor, urine splashes on the seat, etc.

I confess… that nail techs who complain that my toenails are too short and then try to use that as an excuse to do a crappy job on my pedicure make me pretty irritated.

I confess… that I hate going into a restaurant and seeing a bunch of employees standing around instead of working.

I confess… that even though I know it’s their job, people who approach me when I’m shopping and ask if they can help me, drive me nuts. I prefer to be left alone while shopping, and if I want help, I’ll find it myself.

I confess… that long toenails (or long nails on guys) are disgusting to me, to the point where I can’t even look at them, and I hate it when people don’t bother to keep their nails a respectable (in my opinion) length.

I confess… that drivers who don’t turn from/into the correct lane, or don’t use their turn signals when changing lanes or turning make me ridiculously angry. It’s not like it’s complicated!!!

I confess... that I find it incredibly rude when people are late, or flaky. If you can't make it on time for something, then don't say you'll be there. If you're not going to show someone the common decency of showing up when you say you're going to, then forget the whole thing.

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  1. Late people aggravate me, too. It's almost a good idea to ask people to be somewhere 45 minutes ahead of the time that you really want to meet...because that's when they'll probably show up!

    Yeah, those nail techs just sound lazy. I went to one salon where the girl claimed that she couldn't wax my eyebrows due to "bumps" that came from me using a razor on them (I'll admit that I occasionally shave in order to take out several hairs at once). She plucked maybe ten hairs and said that was all she could do, then still charged $11.

  2. Ha! I really should start doing that - telling people to be there way earlier than I need them. :) And I would have been so mad at the technician at the salon! I wouldn't have paid her if that's all she did. So lazy!!


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