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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday {Link-Up}

I am LOVING that there is sun shining outside right now! Minnesota had such a weird winter, and even though I missed most of it, I feel like I’ve still definitely gotten a taste, since it has lasted for so long! I do not love getting up to 40 degree mornings in June, though, that's a fact.

I am LOVING that I have lost some weight. I actually haven’t been doing it on purpose, which makes it even better!

I am LOVING the fact that I have broadening my social circle and getting to know other women through blogging, and that blogging has given me an opportunity to meet even amazing women, who are funny, and intelligent, and witty.

I am LOVING the fact that I can use Skype to chat with my sisters in Vegas, and see my little nephews. It's really tough being away from them, but I sure do love being able to see and talk to them online!

I am LOVING that Barnes and Noble has free wi-fi. 

I'm LOVING that I have another job interview scheduled for next week, in case the interview I went to last week doesn't turn into a job. 

What are you all LOVING this week?

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