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Friday, June 7, 2013

Confessions, Confessions.....

I confess...that even though there does not appear to be a link up with Leslie at A Blonde Ambition today (she's sick, poor girl), I'm doing this anyway. Neener neener.

I confess…that sometimes, I’m whiny.

I confess…that despite my whines, I have about 289048590346903869030309809 reasons to be thankful.

I confess…that I ended up walking like 7 and a half miles yesterday and my foot is killing me. I’m an idiot for that. I also, my foot was bleeding, so now my shoe is bloody. I’m an idiot for that too. Ha.

I confess…that I ate Taco John’s for lunch today, and that despite the fact that now I feel gross and like I just gained twenty pounds, it was delicious.

I confess…that I am not always right, despite my tendency to believe otherwise.

I confess...that I really do think my dad is pretty much one of the coolest guys around, and that I would be totally and completely lost without his love and guidance. 

I confess…that sometimes even I don’t understand why I have a blog, except that sometimes, it’s just easier to type stuff out, even stuff completely unrelated to whatever is going on in my head, than it is to try and write about what is going on. I don’t even know if that made sense.

I confess…that I really really really want to go to another TranSiberian Orchestra show, and to more Cirque de Soleil shows, and to see Wicked again, and Phantom of the Opera, and Les Miserables on Broadway. Or heck, even off Broadway. I just want to see the shows.

I confess…that the fact that I haven’t gotten a pedicure in over two months is actually kind of gross to me, and even more than that, just makes me sad. I love pedicures.

What do you want to confess today?


  1. Totally makes sense. Eeew to taco johns (yet I confess I have never had the pleasure of eating there). I love dad. Lets go get pedicures. And I confess I love this blog and look forward to reading it every chance I get.

    1. Girl - are you coming down on Thursday this week?? *Hint: Say YES*

  2. Like the third paragraph. Stay with that thought. ;)


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