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Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday randoms.

skydiving with a dog
This picture has nothing to do with anything. It's just a funny picture of a guy skydiving with a dog. 
My brain is kind of in weird word-vomit kind of place right now, so I apologize in advance for the insanity that will be this post. 

Three things that make me crazy....because I spent half this morning with my jaw hanging open at people's stupidity: 

1 // I hate it when I'm waiting in line somewhere (like Starbucks), and there are like three or four people in front of me, so like basically, the person right in front of me has plenty of time to peruse the menu and think through the Starbucks offerings and decide what they want, but they don't, so when they finally get to the front of the line, and I'm all excited that I'm next, they take THREE BLOODY MINUTES to figure out what they want. And then they change their order halfway through its creation. This exact situation happened to me this morning, so the irritation is still a little fresh.

2 // It drives me nuts when people don't use their turn signals when they're driving. I can't read your mind, losers!! How am I supposed to know that you're trying to get over into my lane? There is really no reason for you to speed up to be even with me, just to slow back down so you can move into the lane behind me. Unless the reason is just to flip me off, in which case it's still completely unacceptable and also rude. Jack wagon.

3 // Boyfriend tells me I am high-maintenance for this, but it drives me nuts when there are a bunch of empty tables in a room or restaurant, and people come and sit down right next to where I am. I don't know why it irritates me so much - I know it's completely snotty and irrational on my part. But it just does.

Three sports related things (just so I can link up with Sara):

1 // The stinky Minnesota Vikings finally had their first win on US soil last night, against the Redskins. It's about dang time, Minnesota. Get your shiznit together. (Quick side note: There's all this hulabaloo lately about the Redskins having a "racist" team name or whatever...how does everyone feel about that?)

2 // Hockey is back! And though I don't really actually care about it slash really don't care at all, Wild games are still really fun to go to, so hopefully I will get to go to at least one game this year.

3 // THE BEARS BEAT THE PACKERS ON MONDAY NIGHT. This is actually probably like the best news ever for me, since I'm a Bears fan and a Packers anti-fan (which basically means I hate them). Shannon and I had a lovely little Twitter war going on for a few minutes on Monday, but then I fell asleep like a loser before the game ended so I couldn't even properly gloat. That part sucked. But the Packers losing part was still pretty awesome.

Seven things that are completely unrelated to anything, including each other: 

1 // I am going to make a delicious dip for Fat Sunday this week. It's really easy, consisting only of cream cheese, sausage crumbles, and Rotel dip. And it's worth every dang calorie in it. So I'm pretty jazzed about that.

2 // Family Christmas is officially scheduled, and people from the outlying parts of the country are procuring plane tickets and everything, which makes it even cooler. I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT.

3 // Starbucks is having a BOGO on holiday beverages November 14th-17th from 2-5pm. You're welcome.

4 // Boyfriend and I hit up the amateur hour at the local comedy club last night. It was basically as to be expected, I suppose. Some of the performers were straight up terrible and got nothing but pity laughs (or drunk laughs from the crazy girls sitting next to us - see #3 annoyance above), but some of them were actually really good, and really funny. It made me think of Taylor and her journey down the comedic circuit. And I found myself really wishing that she were performing last night instead of the stupid not-funny people, because I pretty much crack up through every post that she ever writes, so I imagine listening to her tell jokes is probably enough to make laugh hard enough to start snorting and falling off my chair all classy lady style.

5 // I finally ordered an Erin Condren planner. I am way too excited about it. I didn't go all out crazy and get the personalized photo stickers, even though I wanted to, because of the time it would have taken to pick out all the faces and stuff, but I did get the birthday/anniversary/etc stickers, which will add a fun piece to the planner. And the customization on the cover?? OMG the cutest thing ever. Just wait 'til you guys see it. You'll agree with me, I promise.

6 // I REALLY miss watching "Friends" every day. I used to fall asleep to random episodes every night, but since all of my stuff is STILL in storage out in Vegas, (and we only have the one TV, and it's in the living room, not the bedroom) I'm pretty much limited in what I can watch when I fall asleep. I've been turning on "The West Wing" on Netflix recently, which is interesting, certainly, but doesn't quite fill the void.

7 // I want donuts right now. And salt and vinegar potato chips. And some delicious tomato macaroni a la my mom. Oooh, and my dad's fried chicken. Basically I want to eat all the things right now.

8 // The blogging community is kind of a cool thing. Like it's really interesting to look back and think about the ways that I have made some friends over the course of the past few months. And isn't it weird to think about the fact that like, these friends and I - Kaylee, Belinda, Bethany, Justine, and Juliette, just to name a few - we've never even met!? We just read random snippets of each other's lives, and tweet at each other, and send random texts and snapchats and emails, and that's all! More and more, I'm understanding that blogging is a club. And you can't be in it until you're in it, but once you're in, you're always in. It's totally sweet, and completely weird, all at the same time.

And last, but not least....

One song that is awesome, in honor of all things Yoga Pants and her awesome new business endeavor

I Use What I Got by Jason Aldean on Grooveshark

Venus Trapped in Mars

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  1. I was just at Chipotle and the lady did the same thing, the line was all the way out the door and she didn't know what she wanted until she got to the front of the line!?!?!? COME ON LADY. OH, and can you bring me some of that dip. Pretty please?

  2. Pretty much all of this, especially the three things that make you crazy!

    I want all the food too, pretty much all of the time. I'm like a human garbage disposal especially when Aunt Flo comes over.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I also HATE when someone comes & sits right next to me if there are a million empty spots! I just can't figure out why anyone does this. The only logical reason I can think of is that they're a-holes.

    The waiting in line thing also drives me nuts… I'll take it a step further though, and maybe this makes ME an a-hole but HELLO, it's 2013, if you're an American, haven't been living under a rock, in the forest or off the grid there is absolutely NO excuse for you to treat the Starbucks menu like a freaking calculus problem. It's not new - it's not hard - there's nothing so complicated about ordering your latte that justifies you acting lost/confused/helpless. Just order a freaking coffee and get out of my way so I can order my Venti Soy Chai with 1 Refresher tea bag. Thanks. :D


  5. I get so irritated when people don't use their turn signals too!!!

  6. Those first three things annoy me, too. I also hate when people gather in groups all around the Starbucks line. I once stood behind a trio of people for about five minutes before realizing that they weren't even part of the line! Or people who glare at you if you walk within ten feet of them and their laptop (some locations are small and crowded - how can you not walk right by them?). No, jerk/bitch, I am not trying to steal your screenplay or novel!

  7. YES! The blogging community is SO cool! I'm glad we've connected through this :) Let me know how you like the planner, I've been going back and forth about getting one or not.


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