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Monday, November 4, 2013

Right now.....November 2013

Gosh, I seriously suck at keeping up with this thing lately. Work has been insane (those lucrative deals I mentioned a while back actually happened!), which is awesome, but is taking up a LOT of my time. On the bright side though, I'm learning a lot of stuff that will be useful in the future, and am really enjoying the challenge of what I'm doing. So that's awesome. 

But since I do wish that I could write here more often, and I just don't because I don't feel like I have enough time right now to create good content right now, I'm going to copy Steph's idea and do a "here's what I'm doing right now" thing, to catch everybody up on what's going on in my life. 

I know you all were really wondering. YOU'RE WELCOME. 

So right now, I'm......

Reading: a lot of CRM user manuals; proofs of client sell sheets and info sheets; and murder mystery books because I love them. :) I actually just downloaded the book "Presumed Guilty" by Tess Gerritsen onto my Kindle. She's one of my favorite authors, so I want to read all of her books. 

Eating: Well nothing, right now, which SUCKS because I'm starving....but Boyfriend and I are hitting up Chipotle for dinner in about an hour, so I'm pretty psyched for that. I also made this delicious recipe for dinner last night, and shoved some leftovers down my throat for lunch today. Basically, it was amazing. 

Watching: I just finished watching season 2 of "Hart of Dixie" on Netflix, and now am working my way through "The West Wing" from the beginning. I am loving it!! I only caught random episodes here and there when it was on air (mostly when I was grounded and had to stay home from Wednesday night church and so was home alone), and I am really enjoying watching it from the beginning and seeing how all the characters and story lines come together. 

Missing: My nephews. I mean, seriously. IT DOESN'T GET ANY CUTER THAN THESE TWO.

Anticipating: Getting to see those two little munchkins at Christmas. Going back to school. CHIPOTLE. 

Wishing for: Lots of money, a much bigger apartment, being finished with my degree, and a bigger bank account. And a Sleep Number bed. Oh, and a massage. 

Drinking: Fruit punch kick start. Of course. 

Laughing at: The Seinfeld clip show currently on TV. Holy cow, if I had known the show was this funny, I would have jumped on board to watch it a long time ago. 

Loving: Boyfriend. The new job. My new Lulu Lemon sweatshirts that I got on clearance!! 

Beginning: Work with a new client. And also, to digest my own stomach because I'm so hungry. #firstworldproblems

Listening to: the sound of the TV... Boyfriend is switching back and forth between the previously mentioned Seinfeld episode and an episode of "Locked Up" on A&E. 

What are you up to these days? 
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