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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Confessional Friday!!

It's Friiiiiiiiiidddayyyyy!!!! 

Hey, so guess what? We made it to another Friday. Does it totally sound like a broken record or something when people say that? Probably. It's like, everybody just hates Mondays, and they just love Fridays, and I mean...do we have to say it every week? Apparently so, because we (myself included, much to my chagrin) alllll do it. 

I digress. Let's confess. (Hey, that rhymes!)

I confess // I'm writing this post on Thursday. Scheduling, for the win! Except I barely slept at all last night, and I've been crabby and mad at the world all day. Sleepless nights are the worst. 

I confess // my sister and I sat down to try and get my taxes done on Sunday. I freaked out approximately 8784513587 times because I was nervous about how much money I was going to have to pay in, since I started my own business and am working for myself and all that, but she is a freaking miracle worker, and got it down to a reasonable amount that I can afford. 

I confess // I am currently watching "This is 40" for the third time in three days. Granted, right now it's on in the background, and I watched it last night because I couldn't sleep, and then two nights before when I was falling asleep, so it's not like I have just been sitting around watching TV and doing nothing else. 

I confess // I really don't like baseball. I mean, yes, I will enjoy it if I am actually AT a game. And I'll cheer for a team (basically I will support the Braves, because that's Boyfriend's favorite time... or the Cubs, since I lived in Chicago for a while... or the Twins, because I grew up liking them. But mostly I just don't care) if I am with someone who cares about the outcome of the game. But for the most part, I am just excited for football season to come back. The games are a lot more fun to watch. And the boys look better in their little pants. Win, win. 

Venus Trapped in Mars

I confess // I got a little pamphlet in the mail the other day, letting me know about the pediatric dental insurance that has been added to my health insurance, and is now costing me an extra $100/month. I took one look at the thing and immediately got pissed off and threw the thing across the room. I can't even afford dental insurance for myself right now (which is awful, because *bonus confession* I haven't been to a dentist in like 5 years and I really need to go), but I'm sure my non-existent children are very appreciative of the extra $1200 a year I'm spending to make sure the teeth they don't have are clean. Ugh, honestly... this whole Affordable Care Act nonsense makes me more angry than I know how to handle. 

I confess // I have a couple water bottles already, but I find myself wanting a CamelBak one. This CamelBak in particular: 
I just think it's pretty, first of all (because it's pink), and also it would be fantastic to have a straw in my water bottle. Also, I am apparently still a small child. So there is that. 

I confess // I have a huge kitchen (well not huge, but still greatly sized) and I still haven't baked anything since I moved here. That, my friends, is awful, and makes me sad. I need to get on that. 

I confess // I am more than a little bit in love with this song (and I #backthatazzup to it every day): 

I confess // I am hosting a one-time link up next Thursday (the 20th), on the topic of what I would attempt if I knew I could not fail and I am terrified that there will only be like five people who join and it will look incredibly lame. Maybe I should add "I would host a link up" to my list of things??? But anyway, here's the button for it, in case any of you are interested!
all the small things


  1. Ok. New goal. I come to vegas and we bake like everything in existence. Done.

  2. UGHHH going to the dentist is THE WORST so I never go either and I can't IMAGINE how angry I would be if I had to pay for a non-existent kid to go!

  3. Hello! Stopping by from Venus Trapped in Mars! Love that water bottle- we are the same, we have a ton of nalgene bottles and since I have been going to the gym, it would be awesome to have one like that camelbak one!

  4. The whole Monday and Friday thing is really strange.. especially since I don't have a Mon-Fri job, yet I still find myself hating Monday and loving Friday. It makes no sense for me to feel that way!
    I'm with you on baseball, I don't watch it.. but I will go to a game and root for my home team!
    I definitely plan on participating in the link up :) I'm glad I stopped by your blog!


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