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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mid-week confessions


I like linkups. Have I ever mentioned that before? I just really like the idea of a bunch of bloggers getting together and sharing their posts, and meeting new people, etc. etc. So anyway, today I am linking up with Kathy for some mid-week confessional fun. 

...I am basically obsessed with Lululemon clothing. This is not a secret to anyone who has read this blog long, or has peeked at my "About Me" page, but I'm still confessing. I wear those clothes all the time.... Even when I'm wearing dresses or skirts, I always have a pair of Lulu yoga shorts on underneath. It's just more comfortable that way.

...I may or may not have bought an embarrassing number of boxes of Girl Scout cookies last week. Okay fine, I did. Hence this tweet:
Judge all you want, people... I know I deserve it. 

...I follow a lot of blogs that I honestly never even read. I really need to just go through my Feedly and remove the feeds I ignore, but I'm too busy lazy. 

...I bought an iPad last week. Which means that now when I am working, I can do stupid stuff like watch "The Office" on Netflix in the background. And I also brought it along when I had to babysit the boys the other day, and it was wildly awesome to be able to still get work done without having to lug my laptop around with me, and the main reason I bought it was for work stuff, and that is working out nicely, which is awesome. Bonus confession: the fact that I get to do this makes Kaylee really jealous. Haha. 

...I have been drinking water up the yin-yang today. And I must have been wicked dehydrated because I haven't had to take nearly as many bathroom breaks as I expected. 

...I am borderline obsessed with 3-wick candles from Bath and Body works. 

...I really wish I had unlimited funds so I could buy some purses. Like this Kate Spade bag. Or this other Kate Spade bag. Like basically I just want all the purses. 

...I am terrible at posting at a consistent time every day. And posting consistently every week. But that probably doesn't really count as a confession because basically anyone who has read this blog for any reasonable length of time already knew that. 

...I am, for the first time, watching "Frozen" because it was on sale on Amazon today. I love some sales, plus I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this movie, so here I am. I'm 46 minutes in, and so far, it hasn't disappointed. Olaf is freaking AHHHH-dorable. 

...I really really want a grilled brat with sauerkraut and onion and a bit of mustard on it right now this very minute. Too bad I don't have a grill. And that I already ate lunch. And that brats really aren't all that healthy. Okay, the last one isn't really that big of a deal (see the previous confession regarding Girl Scout cookies), but I mean.... I don't need to go overboard on the junky foods, now, do I? 


Don't forget to link up with me tomorrow on the topic, "What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?" I can't wait to see what everyone dreams of doing! :) 
all the small things...


  1. Unlimited funds to buy purses?!?!? I love, love, love that idea!!! :) :)
    Amanda at His and Her Hobbies

  2. Ok so I definitely thought you meant they were having a sale on Frozen and I got really excited... except now I see that you really just meant people could buy it. Lame.

  3. If you like link ups then you should check out the other blog that i'm apart of with Harlynn. we do weekly and daily link ups. You'll love it and let your friends know too please. Thanks.


  4. heard that was a scam on amazon and that it really wasn't a sale. that it was the same price as it was at some other places. I'm watching it when i get thru with a show i've been watching and i didn't even have to buy it. j/s

  5. I'm so jealous of your GS stash! I didn't get ANY! I literally only allowed myself ONE cookie and I've regretted it ever since!!!!

  6. oh, those awful cookies and by awful, i mean delicious. you can't eat JUST ONE. which is why i've stopped buying them because i was eating them by the sleeve. esp the mint ones. they're my kryptonite!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  7. I won't be watching Frozen anytime soon even though everyone says it's awesome and filled with like great sub plots. Eh. And we got an iPad for Christmas and I confess that my 3 yr old uses it more than I do. I wish I had unlimited funds too. Drool, bags.


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