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Thursday, March 20, 2014

...if you knew you could not fail, Part 2 {The LinkUp}

Last week, I was startled into early(ish) morning thought by a coffee cup. So I did what any normal blogger does, and I wrote about it. And then a bunch of people thought it would be a great idea if I made my spur-of-the-moment-random-thought into a link up. And I also thought it was a great idea, mostly because it gave me a perfect opportunity to think about some more stuff I'd do if I knew I'd be successful, and then spend some time pondering why I'm not doing them. So anyway, here we are. I'd love to have you join us. 

all the small things...


- I would work to raise investment capital for the people I know and love who own startup companies. I believe in them, and in their products and their companies, and I would love to be able to help ease some of the financial burden that comes along with starting a new company.

- I would call up Jennifer Lawrence and ask her to be my BFF. She would of course agree, and we would merrily skip off into the sunset together. She would never have to say something like this to me, since I would already always be laughing ever time she talked:

- I would climb Mount Everest. I bet that bad boy's got a hell of a view at the top.

- I would apply to become a high school English teacher. Not because I'm qualified already, but because it's something that I have always thought would be kind of fun, and was a career ambition of mine for quite a while.

- I would try to find the best, most perfect gifts for people. I've always been a terrible gift shopper/giver. It's rare that I feel like the gift I got or made someone was really all that awesome, so I'd make a goal to find some really amazing ones for the people I love.

- I would audition to co-star opposite Ryan Gosling in a movie. Because...duh.

- I'd learn HTML and CSS coding. It is something that I think actually would be really interesting, but right now is just kind of over my head, so it ends up frustrating me more than anything else most of the time.

- I'd go to culinary school, and learn how to cook ALL THE THINGS. Then I would compete on Chopped and Iron Chef. And win, obviously.

- I would take up violin and piano again. I'd learn how to play them all over again, and I'd get really good at it.

- I would write a LOT more. Not just one book, but multiple books...and articles, and essays, and reviews, and informational papers, and speeches. I would love to be a good enough writer to be able to really parlay it into a lucrative career.

- I would attempt to live entirely off the grid, while simultaneously still enjoying the technology and other creature comforts I know and love.. Like television and Netflix, and blogging, and iPhones, and GPS.

- I'd look for a cure for things like cancer, and Alzheimer's, and genetic diseases that people are just born with, and I'd find a way to make it easier and less painful to deal with them in the meantime.

- I'd train for a half marathon. I don't have any desire at all to run a full marathon - I personally think only crazy people do that nonsense - but a half wouldn't be that bad. Just as long as my knees and hips don't just give up completely and stop letting me move at all before I get through it.


So now it's your turn! Link up and let us know what you'd love to do, if you knew you'd be successful!

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  1. Another awesome list! I joined in at http://coraltintedperceptions.blogspot.com/2014/03/if-i-knew-i-wouldnt-fail-i-would.html thanks for the fun link up :)

  2. I wish I had thought of musical instruments, duh Monica. Oooh and cooking! You're a good person for wanting to cure diseases! Proud of you for planning this link up, love!

  3. I swear I did my list before even reading yours. Why are we twins Jordan!? LOL...we have so much in common.

    I LOVE THIS IDEA! You're a genius!


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