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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gourmet tongue. Or something.

I'm feeling very creatively stilted lately, if you haven't been able to tell. Every time I sit down to write something, it's like everything just stops, and I can't write anything. It's really frustrating!

But, since I really wanted to write something, you're stuck with whatever random nonsense is currently taking up space in my brain. I'm sorry, and you're welcome. All at the same time. 

- Despite my creative slump, I somehow managed to completely revamp my "About Me" page. 

- One day, I will have a large, beautiful kitchen, and I will have people for whom I can cook. Don't get me wrong, I can cook a little bit for me and Boyfriend right now, but we have a tiny little kitchen, without a lot of space for ingredients or kitchen tools. So I can't quite cook or bake the way I want to yet. But once I AM able to?? Ooooh, look out, I'm gonna be cooking all ze time. And I will get le fat. And I will love it. (P.S. Did you see how I threw a little weird French in there? Yeah, that's me pretending to be an awesome French chef.)
gourmet food

- I didn't watch the VMA's last night, but judging from the Twit and the blogosphere, only two things of note happened: number one, 'NSync reunited for like, 2.2 seconds. And number two, Miley Cyrus made a complete and total fool of herself and Robin Thicke and also made every single person who saw the debacle for which she was responsible extremely uncomfortable. Oh, you missed it, you say? Well here's just a tiny little moment of what you missed. Again, I'm sorry, but you're welcome. But now that you've all seen it, maybe somebody could explain what in the HELL is up with Miley and her ridiculous tongue. Did something happen that has made her physically unable to keep it in her mouth anymore?
miley's disgusting tongue

-Moving on. Does Blogger ever just really suck to use for any of the rest of you? Cuz right now, this formatting stuff is ridiculous, and is basically making me want to just throw my computer out the window and forget the whole dang thing. 

- Blogging can be tough, speaking of it. It's weird, because there's all this discussion about how there's like, this great wonderful community, and people can make all these great friendships, and all of that... And while I'm not going so far as to say that's not true, because I have "met" a few great people through blogging, I will say that it's not quite what I was expecting. I guess I just know like, what I would do if people reached out to me from my blog, or bothered to send a nice email out of the blue or something, and I think I just expect everyone else to think and respond in the exact same way that I think I would. Which is not a real bright idea, so  I really ought to get over that. 
dear diary

- And actually continuing on that line, I have a question: I was having a discussion yesterday about whether or not letting go of expectations constitutes giving up on something and/or settling, or if it is just a way of accepting that sometimes, the expectations we place on others to think/behave/react in a certain way can often be the biggest cause of disappointment in our lives. I'm interested in what the blogging world thinks about this. Weigh in, people, and let's discuss. expectations vs ideals
- I've got Dance Moms on in the background right now. Holy train wreck, Batman. I haven't watched this show since I left Vegas, and I had somehow managed to forget how crazy the drama is. I honestly don't know if the moms and Abbey are really as psychotic as they look - and I have a hard time believing that they are because, uh, hello, they're CRAZY, and who would want to even ever be around that nonsense? - or if they're faking it for the sake of television. I'm leaning a bit more towards the latter, but either way, it's just crazy. The little girls are really cute and talented though, so props to them. 

- I've decided I am going to participate in a couple new things for the month of September. Number one, I'll be participating in "Blogtember", with Jenni. Jenni also orchestrated the "Blog Every Day in May" challenge that I did, and I really enjoyed it, so I'm looking forward to doing this as well. 
AND, even though I'm really not a runner at all, I was inspired by Kenzie's post to show solidarity to another Kenzie during the month of September. So now, in support of Kenzie, I will be joining in on the #runningforsupernannykenz campaign. You can keep up with me on that via Instagram, if you feel so inclined. You'll probably see a lot of pictures of me looking about like this: 
running sucks
Annnnnd that about does it for me. Hopefully my brain will feel better in the coming days/weeks/months, and I'll feel more inspired to write, and to write things actually worth reading. We'll see what happens! 

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  1. Oh man I feel ya. I can't tell you how many times I have written someone a heartfelt email and gotten no reply, but I'm trying to get myself to the point where it doesn't bother me. I cannot imagine ignoring a thought-out and nice email that someone left me, but I try to remember that people are busy and ultimately not perfect. No matter what though, I feel rejected and I don't think that feeling will ever fully go away, because really, it is probably impossible to let go of our expectations for others, because we often have those same expectations of ourselves. Just my thoughts on the matter :-)

  2. Hi sister... I love you - just thought I would comment on that - and I think I figured out how to actually subscribe now so I should be notified when you post. And maybe one of these days I will finish my blog - but don't hold your breath. Zack will probably post again first. and i love you again... and we should skype okay thats all for now!

  3. Your about page looks GREAT! I love it! I still can't get over how similar we are!

    I, too, dream of having a big beautiful kitchen. I am stuck in a tiny apartment for now and find it impossible to cook and bake like I want to. One day, my friend, one day...

    This blogging thing is tough! Sometimes I find it so impossible to think of things to write. But luckily I have people like you who make it easier and comment and inspire me with your own blog! Thanks for that.

    Can't wait for "Blogtember"!

  4. I think Dance Moms used to be legit, but I think it's all staged now. I mean, really, it's the SAME stuff every week, and honestly, who acts like that naturally?


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