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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Top 10 Best Things About Being Unemployed

Okay, so basically, I'm pretty sure everybody knows that (at least for  the moment), I'm not unemployed anymore. But I was unemployed for a while, and I gotta tell you..as much as it really pretty much bites the big one to not have a job - see also, no income - there are some pretty okay things about it. 

So here I have broken down for you the top ten best things there are about being unemployed. Should you ever find yourself in such a position, re-read this list and be grateful. 
1 -You get to sleep late. For someone like me, who really isn't a morning/get out of bed happily person like at all, the ability to sleep until you wake up naturally is pretty dang nice. Plus, you have the added option of getting to wake up, and then realize you don't have to be anywhere, so you can roll over and snuggle under your covers and go back to sleep. Who doesn't love that? 

2 - You can binge-watch TV shows. Netflix makes it possible to watch entire seasons of awesome TV shows without the ridiculous expense (and inconvenience) of having to change out of your pajamas to go to the store and actually purchase said television show in DVD format. Plus, when you finish one season and really really really have to know what happens after the cliff-hanger season finale, you can just easily start watching the next season without having to get up off the couch or out of bed to switch a DVD. Laziness at it's finest, y'all. 

3 - You can read a lot. Reading is basically the coolest thing since sliced bread, people. Actually, I think it's cooler than sliced bread. I love getting new books, getting to know the characters, trying to guess the endings, etc. And sometimes I learn new words, which is awesome, and I get all kinds of inspiration for things to say, conversation starters, ways to win arguments, etc. Having enough time to read as much as you want is basically bomb.com. 

4 - You have no reason to adhere to standard meal times if you don't want to. Lunch at 2:30pm? Sure, why not? Dinner at 11 at night? Absolutely. See, the reason you can do all this and get away with it is because you can sleep in late in the morning, so you can stay up late at night! Eating at 11pm and going to bed at 2am is no different than eating at 7pm and going to bed at 10pm, so there you go. Eat whenever your little heart desires. 

5 - You can take your sweet time getting ready for things. No need to rush around in the morning trying to make yourself look presentable. No having to worry that you snoozed your alarm one too many times and now you might not have time to curl your hair just right, or put eyeliner on. No worries now, mate! Take a long, hot shower, and just enjoy all the free time you have to primp. 

6 - You can save a lot of money by not eating lunch out somewhere every day, or stopping on the way to work to grab some Starbucks, or breakfast. I mean, yeah, you don't have any money coming in, so saving is just the smart thing to do anyway, but still. You're far less likely to waste money you don't have on things you don't need if you don't have a steady paycheck coming in. 

7 - You have workout freedom! I don't know about you, but I always hated the idea of working out on my way home from work. It's such a busy time at the gym, so there are always people around (and I hate working out around people), plus it's just annoying to have to work all day and then anticipate a workout between work and being able to go home and turn off your brain for a while. Also, you can forget about me getting up early to work out before work, because getting up earlier than you have to is just silly to me. But now, since you're unemployed, you can have a work out in the middle of the day if you want! The gym will be less crowded, there won't be as much traffic.. There are a lot of positives to this point. 

7 - Happy hour can start early. Who wants to wait until 5pm to start happy hour? Not you, no sir. You're not working, so having a beer at 3pm is completely acceptable. Pop that top and get to it. 

9 - You can social media the heck out of everything, all day long. No one is going to care if you spend your day chatting it up with people on Twitter than actually attending to the pile of work on your desk. There's no reason to use incognito windows in your browser, or make sure that your mouse hovers over the "Switch to Desktop" area so you can hide your Facebooking from your boss. 

10 - No one is going to be upset if you promise a list of ten things but only deliver nine actual things. 

So yes, though you may be sans productive job at the moment, there are still all kinds of things for which you can be thankful. Enjoy it!! 

What do you think are the best things about not having a job??

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  1. Love this post! I loved not having to dress in normal clothes. Yoga pants and dirty hair? Yes please

  2. Nice list! I was unemployed for a few months some years back, and I did all these! I would also like to add - have time to do things you normally can't do. During that time I was able to be an extra for a movie, which was a fun experience for me!

  3. Ah, the joys of having no responsibilities... I don't know if I know what that's like anymore :P

  4. I'm not unemployed, but I am a cashier with an irregular schedule and hours have been reduced...so I am spending more days acting like an unemployed person, haha.

    I think everyone should forget about standard meal times. I will happily have cookies for breakfast!

  5. Ahahaha! Yes! I'm doing all of those (except 7, because I'm lazy, and 8, because I'm broke). Thanks for the giggle- I'm going on 2 years of unemployment (not by choice), and terribly depressed about it, and this was a much-needed laugh.
    (also, not having to get dressed can be awesome...until I realize it's been a week since I showered, and then I feel very icky)


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