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Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Bucket List Revisited

So. Summer is almost over, huh? How silly. Actually, I don't even really feel like we got much of a summer in Minnesota. It was only warm for like, two weeks! Anyway, since it's the end of summer and all that, I'm going back over the list of goals I had made at the beginning of the summer, and assessing my activity. Clearly, I still have some work cut out for me. 

1.       Watch The Count of Monte Cristo. Also, finish reading the book if possible, but if not, at least get through the movie.
I still haven't finished the book, but I did at least watch the movie. It was fabulous. 

2.      Write more often – my blog, my personal journal, emails, etc.
I didn't write too much in my personal journal (or at all, actually...sad.), but I did blog at least fairly regularly. So I'm counting this as completed. 

3.      Take more pictures of everything. (This will involve finding my camera, which is currently packed somewhere in a storage unit in the desert southwest….. so I guess I’ll just do the best I can with my phone and go from there.)
I found my camera, plus I have been making an effort to take more pics on my phone, too. I could still do better, but I'm at least halfway happy with what I've gotten.

4.      Visit a state and county fair.
Well - it's too late to make it to any county fairs now, so that's a bust. I think we are going to go to the State Fair in a couple of weeks though, so that will be fun.

5.      Go to a drive-in movie.
Nope, this hasn't happened yet, either. One of these days....

6.      Go to a country musical festival.
I think I'm giving up the dream on this one. I'd settle for just a country concert at this point.

7.      Create a “Life Goals” list, with info about where I want to go with my life, and how I plan to get there. Could be published, or not.
Cripes. I suck at life, because this actually is only half started, i.e. it's kind of started in my head, but not at all written down anywhere. 

8.      Write some poetry.

9.      Take a road trip and visit one of the restaurants featured on Restaurant: Impossible, or Man vs. Food.
Uh, no. There are some restaurants from these shows in the near vicinity, though, so if I can get my butt in gear and figure out what/where they are, this is actually still a viable possibility.
10.     Write and submit a book proposal.
Hmm. Yeah, I've kind of nixed this idea at the moment. It would be fun, and interesting, but I just don't have the mental energy to put towards it at the moment. 

11.      Go to a food festival.
I'm honestly not even sure how to do this one. There is kind of a festival thing downtown on Thursdays in the summer here, and there are food trucks and sidewalk vendors and stuff...so I guess I could just go to that one of these days and say that that counts. 

12.     Take a walk at least 4x per week.
I haven't always been going exactly four times a week, but I'd say I've maintained a pretty good average. So I'm going to count that one. 

13. Watch fireworks as often as possible.
I'm not sure how to quantify this. I've only seen fireworks once though, so I'm going to say that this is a goal not completed. Poo. I love fireworks, so I am going to need to find a way to fit more into my life. 

Here are some things that weren't on the list that I have completed. This makes me feel a little bit better. : )

** Go to a water park (Boyfriend made this happen when he took me to Noah's Ark for my bday!)
** Take a solo trip (Rented a car and drove to Milwaukee to visit my mom and sister on my birthday weekend)
** Paint something I'm actually proud of
** Try something new (tubing on 4th of July weekend!)
** Get a job (Sort of - it's only a temp job, but who knows how long it will go?!)

What have you accomplished so far this summer? 
What do you still want to get done before the season officially ends? 
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  1. I love summer bucket lists! I totally wrote one at the beginning of summer too and have been reviving it all summer on my blog to make sure I got a good amount on it done. :) Then my friends (who read my blog religiously, haha) came to visit and we crossed off like three things in one day - it was pretty fabulous. ;P

  2. Summer bucket lists are great! bucket lists in general are great!!! :)


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