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Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday, Monday...

Oh hey, happy Monday, everybody. Who’s ready to party this week?!
I totally am, because I get to go on a vacation this weekend to a lake that I thought was in Nebraska, but apparently is actually in Iowa. Either way, I’m freaking psyched. More on that after the fact, I would imagine. But I mean other than that, this is basically how I felt about this morning: 

...Especially because I had such an awesome weekend. On Friday, I started my first day at my new (temp) job. I really enjoyed it, which is always nice. It was a pretty tiring day, just because of all the learning I had to do, but overall, not a bad gig. Friday night, Boyfriend and I had a delicious dinner, and then nice time walking around the city, taking in some of the sights. It was such a nice date night….Yay for relaxing quality time with my favorite boy! J

On Saturday, we went to the library for a few hours in the morning. Boyfriend had some OT work he needed to get done, and I just went for the fun of it. We were planning to go to the beach afterwards, but then the sun went away and it was kind of cold, so we nixed that idea. We tried to go to a pet store to play with puppies, since I kind of have puppy fever right now for some reason, but apparently, there are no pet stores in this town that actually sell puppies. Not sure if I buy that, though, so we are going to keep looking.

Saturday night was spent drinking and painting at one of those wine and paint places. Oh, what fun we had! You can see the photographic evidence of our incredible talent here, and here, and here. I may or may not have had three glasses of wine on an empty stomach and been a wee bit drunk by the time the night was over, too. When we were walking back down the street to the car carrying our paintings, we got stopped by some ladies who wanted to know all about it, so we got to show off a little bit, too. Then we Boyfriend watched “Horrible Bosses” (for the first time ever) while I fell asleep on the couch at like, 10pm, like a loser cute puppy.. 
On Sunday, I was up crazy early for some reason, but it worked out okay because I was able to read a whole entire book by like, noon, yay for me. Then we did the three loads of laundry that had been piled up in the corner of the bedroom because we have been lazy lately and not at all on top of things like stupid laundry. And then I went to the mall for a few hours, while Boyfriend stayed home and watched baseball (or something equally boring). I got myself a new black maxi skirt and a white shirt that I can wear to work, so that was fun. Then we went and played some Frisbee golf, which was sort of fun. Definitely not a game I think I would enjoy playing again, but I only actually threw on two of the holes, and then I just wandered around behind Boyfriend while he did the rest, and that was fun, so I think I could get on bored with tagging along in the future, at least.

Sunday night was totally lazy – we watched “Horrible Bosses” again (and yes, I slept through the middle part, again), and flexed our culinary muscles by making frozen pizza for dinner. I know. We are amazing. Actually, Boyfriend taught me that broiling a frozen pizza for like, a minute after they’re done cooking makes the top of it crispy, and makes the entire thing ridiculously delicious. Go try it right now. I’ll be sure to pass along your compliments to the chef when you come back to rave about how freaking good broiled pizza is.

And that, my friends, pretty much sums it up! How was your weekend??

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  1. So glad you get a vacation this weekend! That makes the week so much better :) I'm actually on vacation all week! Woot woot! Love time away :) stopping by from the link up!

  2. Girl you had the best weekend! That sounds like the best weekend in my opinion. Congrats on the new temp job, maybe it will turn into something permanent?! Also, I did wine and paint at "The Tipsy Paintbrush" over Memorial Day Weekend and my sister and I got so drunk. It was like over 3 hours long and we brought 3 bottles... on an empty stomach. Hahaha! I enjoyed reading! :)


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