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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I've got it all in the bag...

So there have been a bunch of “What’s in my Bag” posts floating around lately. Mostly, they seem to be women who have their shit totally and completely together, and are organized to a fault. So since I’m not even remotely like that, I wasn’t interested in hopping on board the train.

But then Sarah did a hilarious post about it, and then Shannon informed me that she had written one like, a year ago and a half ago, way back before it was cool, and then I was like, oh, well if these two hooligans did it, and it was funny, then I suppose I can do one too. (And no, this isn't technically about wallets or anything, even though *spoiler alert* there is a wallet in my purse.) 

And here we are.

So here’s a picture of my purse from above. It doesn’t look too terribly disorganized, does it?

And then here’s a picture of all of the crap from inside my purse, unceremoniously dumped out on my desk at work.
And the best part is that basically, even though that looks like a sort of small-ish pile, there are all kinds of hidden gems in there.

So here’s a list. Since I know you’re beyond curious.

·         1 mini sample tube of Aquaphor that I got at the Prairie du Chien Half Marathonand 5k race two years ago
·         1 tube of lip gloss
·         The spare key to my car
·         A random key that goes to something, I’m sure, I just don’t know what.
·         A planner
·         A notebook. For all my notes that I rarely take.
·         My kindle. I’m like Rory Gilmore – I have to take a book with me everywhere I go.
·         48 cents in random spare change
·         3 pens, 2 Sharpie pens, and 2 actual Sharpies (except one’s a mini Sharpie)
·         A tire pressure gauge.
·         A nail file/emery board. (Are they the same thing, or is a file the metal one?)
·         A pair of headphones with a microphone so I can talk on my phone with headphones in my ears cuz I’m wicked cool like that
·         A random piece of gum
·         2 different perfumes
·         A ¾ finished post-it note pad
·         An actual container of gum, from which the aforementioned random piece must have fallen out
·         A granola bar
·         A mini banana type hair clip thing
·         My wallet
·         A coin purse that is ridiculously heavy with lots of quarters for laundry. And pennies.
·         My entrance pin from when Boyfriend and I went to the Walker Art Museum on V-Day
·         1 bobby pin
·         2 hair ties
·         4 snap hair clips
·         A taco bell receipt from like 3 weeks ago
·         A full water bottle
·         A Netflix movie I keep forgetting to put in the mail
·         My old insurance card that isn’t even valid anymore
·         7 napkins (apparently I’m messy)
·         3 mini post-it notes with random movie times scribbled on them
·         A receipt from Caribou Coffee from so long ago that I can’t read the date anymore
·         Two recipes – one for buffalo chicken pizza, and one for buffalo fries.
·         A half-finished grocery list
·         A coupon for $1.50 off a box of trash bags at target
·         2 pairs of sunglasses
·         1 pair of regular glasses in a case
·         A package of dental flossers/picks
·         Cough drops
·         Iphone charger
·         Hand sanitizer

So now that you all know everything I'm carting around with me on the daily...it's your turn to spill. 

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  1. Please let me know when you dislocate your shoulder from carrying so much crap around...it will probably happen the same day it happens to me because my purse is also a black hole!!!

  2. Whoa. That's a lot of stuff, but completely needable (it's a word). I realized recently that I'm currently between three purses plus a wallet clutch and I'd have to dump out all three in order to show my one bag.

    Whhhhhhhy do we do this!? And I mean carry purses, not put stuff in them because duh, I like having my hair ties with me even if I keep putting one in my purse because I'm sure I don't have one in there.

  3. You can fit A LOT into your purse!!! And my husband thought mine was full ;) But I love that you compared yourself to Rorie :)

  4. Wow you carry a lot with you! I am such a neat freak that I seriously do not even have a receipt in my purse, just my wallet, hand sanitizer, chapstick, a pen, aleve, sometimes a small bottle of lotion, tampons when necessary, and my phone when it's not in my hand. It gives me anxiety to have tons of stuff in there haha but I bet it's awfully handy to have everything you have, because you never know when you'll need it!

  5. lolllllll thank you, thank you, thankkkkk you for showing what a majority of women's purses look like. Let's be real, the posts I see that people do of what's in their purse....I just have a hard time believing their purse is that clean all the time! Like whatttt!? Don't get me wrong, I try to keep mine relatively clean, but 90% of the times, that's not the easiest thing to do.

    So thanks for the laugh. I appreciate that!

  6. This made me laugh...oh man. The contents of your purse are really amusing! I am totally one of those "organized" girls you speak of. I hate when my purse is messy. I go about 3 days with receipts in the bottom and I have to clean it out. I am going to do a post like this soon...just because it seems like fun and I like seeing what people carry around with them daily.

  7. i feel like im always up for a surprise when i look in my bag. i just never know what im going to find! lol

    im not sure thats a good thing...


  8. When I carry a large purse this is what happens.. I put EVERYTHING in it lol.. until it gets to heavy then I clean it out lol



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