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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Seems to be a trend...

I was really trying to keep up with the Blogtember challenge this month, but it's just not happening. So since I really wanted to post something today, but I'm sort of lazy, and a bit of a copy cat, and not at all feeling inspired to write anything deep and meaningful, I'm stealing Erin's idea of making lists. Juliette did it too, so I figure it's completely okay for me. :) 

Five things I'll be doing over the next week:
1.) Taking lots of walks. I love this kind of weather, and I love going for walks. When I get to combine the two, I'm a very happy camper. 

2.) Cooking. I've been looking at some recipes on Pinterest, and my little chef-wannabe brain is just tickled about all the awesome and fun cooking opportunities that come with the fall season. 

3.) Agonizing over my Survivor pick...again. I picked the Ravens to win last week, and they did, but I was stressing out for most of the game. WHO SHOULD I PICK, GUYS?!

4.) Reading. I have to finish this book for the Blogger Book Club and I haven't even started it, so I need to get my act together. 

5.) Getting my nails done (hopefully). I am not a very vain person - I don't do my hair often (more because I'm completely hopeless and can't than because I don't want to, but still), and I don't wear a lot of makeup or jewelry. The one thing that I really like to do to feel pretty is to have my nails manicured and my toes pedicured. With the job security issues I've been experiencing lately, it has been much harder to keep the mani/pedis up like I would like. 

Four items I need to purchase:
1.) New boots! I am in desperate need, and since I like to wear them so much during fall/winter, I need to make sure I find good quality ones. 
2.) Fresh chicken. The stuff we have the in the freezer right now is old and totally frost-burned, so I definitely need to upgrade that. 
3.) A gym membership. Running has been completely awful great and all, but it is wreaking havoc on my joints and my back, and I just hurt all the time. Not ideal. I don't get enough cardio just from walks though, so I need some kind of low-impact cardio that I can do, like an elliptical or swimming. I think it would definitely be worth the extra expense though, because I always feel better when I work out. 
4.) A peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks. I've been craving one for days and just haven't had the chance to get one. I need to get on it, ASAP, since peppermint is a seasonal flavor, therefore I need to get as much of it as I possibly can in the few short months that it's available. Right? Right. 

Three shows I can't wait to have come back into my life:
1.) The X Factor! I am so geeked about this show, it's almost embarrassing. I started watching it last year, and was completely obsessed. I do NOT love the new judge Paulina, or whatever her name is, but the other three I do like. Except for Simon, whom I absolutely adore. And the talent this year already looks like it's gonna be amazing. 

2.) Vampire Diaries. Um, hi. Let's talk about Damon for like, one second. Because holy hotness, Batman. He was hands down my favorite undead guy from the very first episode, even though for the first two seasons, everybody was supposed to think that Stefan was like, THE BEST THING EVER. Also, I kind of want to be Nina Dobrev because she is JUST SO PRETTY. Except I hate that they always dress her in skinny jeans and ankle booties. So if they change up her wardrobe this season, I'll be happy about that. 

3.) Bones. Booth and Brennan are just so cute together. And I hate Christopher Pelant. And I love Hodgins and Angela, and Lance, and like, I just love everybody (except Pelant)! 

Two reasons I'm excited for fall:
1.) I have discovered recently that I enjoy wearing scarves, and I've always liked layering.. So I'm psyched about that. It's a lot easier to put together cute outfits that hide trouble areas in the fall than it is in the summer. Probably mostly because it's a lot easier to wear a lot of clothes in the fall than in the summer. 

2.) The colors. Fall in the midwest is just ridiculously pretty. The green that I absolutely love in the springtime morphs into a cacophony of browns and reds and yellows and oranges. It's just so, so gorgeous, and refreshing to the soul. 

One thing that's currently bothering me:
There are three females that work in my office, and two stalls in the ladies' room. We are all grown women who should have a solid grasp of how to properly handle bodily functions. And yet, somehow there is always urine on the floor in both stalls!! I don't know if it is because both of the other parties in the office have the same troubles, or if there's just one who typically uses both stalls (which is kinda weird in and of itself, right? I mean, am I the only one who has a favorite stall that I use whenever I can?), but whatever the reason, it's disgusting and annoying. And the office only gets cleaned twice a week, and I don't think they do a whole lot in there anyway, so it tends to smell kind of gross in there. WHAT IS THIS ABOUT?! I mean, seriously. Learn how to pee, people. 

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  1. Wait. Piss on the FLOOR?! How? I get on the seat but not on the floor.

    And seriously, who is this Pualina Rubio chick?

  2. Guess what I found out last year?? SBX carries Peppermint all. Year. Long. It may not be on the menu but you can totally get a peppermint mocha all year long!! :)

  3. I'm with you on Vampire Diaries. If that world was logical, Elena would be with neither brother and there would be world wide news about the small American town that has a mysterious massacre every day. What can I say, I love the show and I love Damon. He only killed or attempted to kill a handful of people Elena loves. That can be forgiven, right? (I think half my enjoyment from the show comes from making fun of it.)

  4. Do you have any boots that you want to get? I need some too but I'm horrible at finding ones I like!! And scarves are amazing...try infinity scarves!


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