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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Go on a three month vacation? Heck yes, I will.

Sorry this post is late! I got a whopper of a headache last night and didn't feel like finishing it. I still feel gross, but I'm powering through to keep up with the Blogtember challenge

I love vacations. I love the idea of going somewhere different, maybe even someplace new. I love the notion of doing new things, trying new restaurants and foods, getting deliciously sunburned, etc. But I mean, doesn’t it always seem like vacations are just too short? Like there’s never enough time to do all of the fun stuff you want to do, or see everything you want to see?

So when I was given the option to go on a three-month, all-expense paid vacation prompt to talk about what I’d do if I could take three months off to do anything I wanted, my little wanderlust brain went positively bonkers. Oh, the possibilities!!

But I mean, basically, I’d just travel. Everywhere. But mostly Europe. Oh, and Australia, because, well…the boys have fun accents, and I hear it’s pretty. Plus it is starting to get warm down there this time of year, so summer in Australia? Don’t mind if I do, matey.

But Europe. I mean….EUROPE. Yes, let’s start there, and if we end up blowing the whole three months there, well then so be it. I’m very happily attached, so I don’t need any boys with cute accents anyway.

So here are all the places I would ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY HAVE TO SEE in my three month vacay:
Venice {via}
Rome {via}
Greece {via}
Paris {via}

And while I'm in France, I will of course have to make a stop to see Patricia. Because le duh, she's awesome. And funny.And also the reason that I finally mastered the spelling of the word "croissants". 

London {via}
And of course there's no way I'm leaving the UK without finding some way to visit Belinda, because she is awesome too, and I really kind of just want to sit and drink coffee with her. 

Auschwitz Concentration Camp - Poland {via}
Swiss Alps {via}

And then if I had time, I’d also go to these places:
Tokyo {via}
Hong Kong {via}
Vancouver {via}
And I’d really really make it a point to do these things as often as possible:

Parasailing {via}
Sky Diving {via} 
Swimming with sharks {via}

If you haven't noticed yet, my life's biggest dream is basically just to travel. I'd pack a lot of reading material (or a fully-loaded Kindle, for ease of transport), and then head off on a grand adventure. It would be AMAZING!! Who knows, maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to be able to do all of this! 

What would you do if you had three months off to do anything you wanted?

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  1. Your places to see are similar to mine. I'm heading to Italy this December for 3 weeks and spending 3 days is Bern, Switzerland. This will be my first trip to Europe. I'm super excited (even though it'll be the dead of winter!).

    Also, I'm a scuba diver & diving with sharks is SO flipping cool. My next venture is to cage dive with Great Whites. It'll be scary & it's ridiculously expensive, but I'm sure worth it. That's on my list in the next 5 years.

  2. That picture of Greece always makes me want to go there. I think I would travel across all of Italy in my three months, that is my dream!!!! :)


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