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Monday, December 9, 2013

Cold. Really, really cold.

It's really bloody freezing in Minnesota tonight. It has been just rotten cold for a few days now, and I'm pretty much completely over winter now. I wouldn't be upset if all of a sudden the temperature rose about 50 degrees, even if it means we don't have snow for Christmas. Also, we live in an old building, and the heater in our apartment just cannot keep up, no matter how hard it tries, so it never gets above 65 in here. That probably sounds normal/warmish to most people, but to me, it's freezing. So let's just all cross our fingers and hope it gets warmer over here, mmmkay?

Boyfriend and I went to my home town over the weekend. I had hoped to meet up with my mom for dinner (her birthday was Friday, and I was hoping we could meet her halfway between here and Milwaukee) but she was out of town on a business trip. We went anyway, though, to spend some time with my dad and visit the living nativity they were holding at his church. We had a lot of fun, even though Dad beat me at cribbage in two out of three games, which I think is silly, since Boyfriend is always beating me too, and seriously people I JUST WANT TO WIN AT CRIBBAGE ALREADY.

On the way back home on Saturday night, we took a detour through La Crosse to see the Rotary Lights in Riverside Park. They were so pretty. I am pretty much in love with Christmas and all things festive, so I was like a kid in a candy shop looking at those lights. They were so sparkly, and cheerful. I LOVED IT. So here are some pictures.

So pretty!

They had all the logos for the branches of the Armed Forces, which I thought was great. I took pictures of the Coast Guard one, because my papa used to be in the Coast Guard, and also of the Marine Corps one, since my brother is a Marine. 

So now I need some suggestions for ways to stay warm in this ridiculously cold apartment. We dug out the coffee maker today, so at this point, it looks like I'll just be drinking a lot of coffee.. Other than that, it looks like I'll just be spending a lot of time snuggled in with a blanket on the couch while I'm working, and using my heating pad in bed to keep my little toesies warm. Any other bright ideas??  photo signature-35.png


  1. hey hey fancy new layout! B and I have played Cribbage a few times and he's always really good. ALWAYS.

  2. Haha our old apartment was like that and we froze our tails off...in our mild NC winters! I can't imagine you guys and all that snow! I have to say, I wish our rain was snow instead. It would be a lot prettier and I wouldn't have to leave my apartment! haha

  3. Woo hoo! Look at this bling, I love the new design!!! :)

  4. A heating blanket is great for staying toasty warm, they even make heated throws for your couch now!

    I love love love your new pretty design! :)


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