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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New design!!! And other stuff.


Check out my new design!! I told you I had some exciting changes coming up, and voila, here we are. Sarah was incredible... I told her about some colors that I liked, and that was basically it, and she took my tiny little concept and turned it into this amazing look that is so much cooler than anything I could have come up with on my own. I LOVE IT!!! I just want to stare at the page all day because it's so shiny and pretty.

I've been rocking some Britney Spears on the Spotify today. I usually get really annoyed by her music, but for some reason, I'm enjoying it today.

Also, I really should take a shower and put on some real clothes today....except it's so cold in my apartment right now that I am scared to shower because I don't want to feel that wicked whoosh of cold that occurs the second I get out. Last check of the thermostat shows that it's a whopping 62 degrees in here. Yikes.

In other news, I've discovered something about myself recently. Actually, I should say i RE-discovered this, because it's not like it's really old news... When I am PMSing, I tend to get really depressed. Like, seriously, down-in-the-dumps, doom-and-gloom-all-day, not-saying-a-word-and-not-even-smiling kind of depressed. Which is awful for me, for obvious reasons, but also awful for people around me, because who wants to be around Mopey McSadFace all the time? Nobody, that's who. So now that I am living with someone, and my mood directly affects them, I have realized that I really need to get better at being cognizant of my moods, and intentionally work to find ways out of sour moods. Being quiet is okay - being mopey is not. So I'll be working on that in the future. Any bright ideas anyone has on how to break a hormone-induced funk, please send 'em my way.

Oh, and the Bears beat the stupid Cowboys last night. Normally, I wouldn't talk too much shit about the Cowboys, a.) because I don't care enough about them to dislike them, and b.) because the aforementioned Sarah-of-this-beautiful-blog-design-fame is a huge Cowboys fan, and since she did such a wonderful job on the design, I'm inclined to humor her... Except that it's the Bears, and I love it when the Bears win! I'm still miffed about the stupid Vikings stealing the win from them last week, especially because if the Bears had won that game like they were supposed to, they'd be first in the Division right now.. But they didn't, boo hoo.

So anyway, that's about all I've got for you today. Monday wasn't fun, and Tuesday isn't shaping up to be much better. Booo to winter and cold and all that depressing stuff.

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  1. The new design is fabulous! So much fun.

  2. This design is gorrrrrgeous! It's so eye-catching! I definitely feel ya on the cold after the shower thing. I warm my room up with a space heater while I'm in the shower. So toasty when you're done!

  3. NEW DESIGN. This is the best I'm the same way with my mess of emotional distress- and then I just go and hide.

  4. LOVE your design!!! And I get really depressed for one day when I'm PMSing...I usually don't figure it out until the day is halfway over, and it sucks. So I totally feel you and I'm sorry!


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