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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I tried to do some Black Friday shopping last week. It didn't go well, mostly because I basically refused to go to stores (except I did go to Barnes & Noble, which was lame, because they weren't having any good sales), even though I heard there were some awesome deals happening. Also, I don't really need anything, which makes me feel like it's not entirely necessary to go out and buy a bunch of stuff just for the sake of buying it, especially when space in the apartment is really limited. So that was kind of a dud.

I just finished reading an awesome, awesome book called "The Rule of Four". Boyfriend recommended it to me after he read it (more than once), and then I started reading it, and was immediately hooked. It's got a lot of riddles and stuff built into the story (and the story is about another book that has a lot of riddles), so there were parts when it was kind of over my head, but it was still awesome. It had enough mystery to keep me guessing and enough history to make me feel like I was really learning something, which is my favorite kind of book. And also, pretty much every one should read it.

I was reading this post by Stephanie about organizing your blog posts. Holy cow. I don't know how that woman does it. She is SO organized, and SO on top of things, and is pretty much exactly the way I wish I could be when it comes to organization.

I am really excited for Christmas. I LOVE celebrating other people, and giving presents. I have so much fun thinking about presents, and trying to imagine what they will love, and imagining the look on their face when they open it. I know that Christmas isn't all about presents, so that's not what I'm trying to imply here.. I'm just saying that the whole tradition of exchanging gifts for Christmas is really a lot of fun for me. And I also like birthdays.

I wonder sometimes if life is better or worse with all the advances in technology and social media over the past few years. I actually have a lot of thoughts on this topic so it will most likely become its own post in a minute..It's just such an interesting topic to me. Anyone have any thoughts on this in particular?

Sometimes in life, everything sucks. Nothing is right, nothing makes sense, and nothing looks the way you thought it would. Does that mean that you've done something wrong, or that there IS something wrong with your life? I mean, maybe, sure. But not necessarily. There are times when bad things happen because people are stupid and make dumb decisions...But other times, bad things happen even when people really thought through their decisions, and legitimately thought they were doing the right thing. I can't decide if it sucks worse to look back and be like, "yep, that was a really stupid decision that I made, so even though I'm an idiot, at least it makes sense that it didn't work out", or to be really thinking that you were doing the right thing, only to have it blow up in your face. Probably the second one, cuz at least for the first one you have no one to blame but yourself.

You know those sugar cookies with the icing on top? They have just the slightest lemony flavor, but the frosting is hard, and totally delicious? I am loving those right now. I had a ridiculous craving for them the other night, completely randomly, so I drove around to two different grocery stores just to find them. And they are everything I hoped they would be. And I still have some left even, so big fat high five to me for my self-control.

Aaaannnnnd that's about all I've got for you today. There are some big changes coming to blog in the next couple of weeks....GET EXCITED.

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  1. I'm always excited for big blog changes!

    That books sounds interesting so I have put it on my list of stuff to look up on the internet when I should be working.

    I LOVE those cookies but I don't buy them because you're not allowed to when you have a 4 year old. Booo.

  2. That book sounds cool! I'm not great at riddles but my husband loves them. I may have to pick it up for him :D

  3. I really, really want those cookies now...
    Girl, I was not always this organized! Practice makes perfect. Just start small, you'll get there. I spent a month on each thing, from everything from keeping my closet perfect to scheduling my posts 1 week at a time. Eventually I added more and more things, and now it's second nature!

  4. I almost always have most of my holiday shopping done by Black Friday. It's it's not bought, I at least know what I want to get (and it's never something that is on sale on Black Friday).

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are odd events during a season where people are buying presents for others. I know very few people who think about buying gifts for others. It's all about the things that you want that you can get on those days (or maybe that's just me and my friends).

    I, for one, fell for Victoria's Secret's Cyber Monday deal. It was definitely a me purchase. It was just such a good deal!

  5. I actually lucked out on Black Friday shopping last week, but did it all online ;) That's the secret. Have a great week!

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May


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