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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I'd work for that

A long time ago, the lovely Erin wrote a post about things that she would accept as “payment” for work that aren’t money. I thought it was an awesome idea, and even though I’m like totally late to the party, I still kind of wanted to get in on it.

** Side note: PLEASE go check out Erin’s blog. She is hilarious, and witty, and has a great knack for decorating in colors that I just adore. So basically you guys should all be friends with her. Mmkay? Mmkay.

Back to the topic at hand. It was really fun to think about this stuff, I might add. I just kind of let my mind wander to all the awesome things I love and got totally carried away, and are there really many things at all that are more fun than that? I think not.

So here’s a list of things I would accept for work I do, instead of a regular paycheck.
-         - An unlimited budget to Target, Ikea, Lululemon, Amazon, and iTunes. I think between those five places, I could pretty much get everything I’d ever need.
-         ONE of the following vehicles (I don’t need all three, that would just be greedy): A Porsche Cayenne, a Range Rover, or a Nissan Murano.
-         - Free weekly mani/pedi/massage days.
-         - An eidetic memory.
-         - An ability to see things with an “artist’s eye” and recreate it via painting, photography, sketching, etc.
-         - This bag. 

-        -  My own personal stylist/nutritionist/grocery shopper/hairdresser. They don’t all have to be the same person, I just want somebody doing all of those things.
-         - Manolo Blahnik and Christian Loubitan shoes. *swoon* 

 - A beach home and a mountain home. Preferably somewhere in Hawaii, and Denver, respectively. Although I’d take a mountain home in the Smokies, too. I’m not too picky. 
-       - The ability to actually know/write HTML and CSS codes. I have tried to teach myself and stuff, but I really just end up messing everything up whenever I try. *sigh*
-         - Unlimited printer cartridges and paper. Those things are expensive.
-         - Unlimited bottles of red wine. I don’t need the super expensive stuff, either…I’d take Apothic Red, Barefoot Sweet Red, whatever. Like I said….I’m not picky. J
-         - Flight vouchers so I could go and see my family/friends all over the country whenever I want.

What would YOU work for if you weren’t getting a paycheck?

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  1. Love this idea. Hmm..I would probably work for...flight tickets. That sounded like a good one. Or even just like you mentioned unlimited access to Target.

  2. I'm not even a shoe person and I LOVE those. LOVE. We can work this out- I'll be your personal assistant and then we can share the unlimited budget to Target, etc. Deal.

  3. This is an awesome post, Jordan! I'd definitely take an unlimited target budget

  4. This is an awesome idea! I love the bag and cars. The unlimited budgets would be fantastic also!

  5. Yes, yes and YES. To all of the above!

    Erin is a genius. I love this idea!


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