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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Am I the only one.....???

This picture has nothing to do with anything. I just put it up because it's true.
I don't know if any of you have noticed, but it appears that a lot of bloggers in the world all like and do a lot of the same things. I don't like or do any of these things. Which kind of leaves me feeling like I'm that sort of weird girl on the playground at recess that people are pseudo-nice to because they think they're supposed to be, but they really have nothing in common with her, so everybody kind of keeps her at arms length. 

Like...being Mormon. Am I the only blogger who isn't a Mormon? 

Am I the only one who isn't married or engaged?

Am I the only one who forgets/straight up just doesn't take pictures of every drink I have or plate of food I get at a restaurant? 

I'm fairly certain I'm the only person on the blogger planet who still buys my planners at Barnes and Noble. (I'd like to buy an Erin Condren one at some point, but they're expensive, so I'm waiting until I'm gainfully employed again before I go down that path.)

I might be one of the only bloggers who didn't go nuts over the NKOTB/98 Degrees/Boyz II Men tour, has never worn a pair of jelly sandals in her life (although to be fair, I always wanted some when I was a kid, I was just never allowed to have them), and doesn't have the phone number of at least one other blogger so we can have awesome text convos outside of blog or Twitter land. 

Also pretty sure that I'm the only girl in all of blog world who isn't obsessed with Kate Spade or Lily Pulitzer, and has never once owned a single article of clothing from J. Crew, Banana Republic, or the Gap. 

It appears I may also be the only one (or one of the only ones) who doesn't do my hair all the time, or my makeup, and doesn't generally look all put together and cute, like all of the time. Actually, most of the time I look like a hot mess. Am I the only one who can't seem to get it together??

I have like, the world's hardest time writing my posts ahead of time. But it seems like so many people are like, super on the ball with that stuff, and have all their stuff written and scheduled ahead of time. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO IT??!! (Although, I'd like to point out that I'm writing this post on Wednesday and it's not getting published until Thursday. I figured writing ahead would be a good idea, since it's my birthday on Thursday, and I'm going to be spending it at Noah's Ark water park, cuz I have an awesome Boyfriend who loves me and wants me to be happy.)

I have no idea how to do any kind of coding or customization to my blog design whatsoever, as you can probably deduce the instant you happen upon this little space. But it seems like everybody else has this awesome handle on it, and has like this awesome header, and all their social media buttons that work, and all that. And I'm just over here like, "uh, wtf." 

Along those same lines, I seem to be the only one who doesn't have a "brand" for my blog yet. I'd like to, but I'm not sure how to go about it, plus I don't have a specific topic direction that I follow. I just kind of write stuff when I feel like it, which means I tend to be kind of all over the place. 

If I am not the only person for whom all of the above things ring true, feel free to let me know.. Solidarity, and all that. Either way, I'll just keep on keeping on, marching to the beat of my own drum, and playing alone in my corner of the playground. I'm pretty good at it by now anyway. :) 


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  1. I don't even know who Lily Pulitzer is... And I don't want and Erin Condrin planner because there so much. I want some that fits into my purse. But I am Mormon and married :)

    1. I don't know who Lily P is either... or Erin Condrin. But I did just find your blog Patricia (which is how I found my way over here to Jordan) and I have to admit I'm super jealous that you're living in France. I desperately want to live in an old farmhouse in Normandy...
      (I watch a lot of House Hunters International)


    2. Patricia, it's funny, I didn't know you were Mormon until I read your post about bikinis from a while back.. You've never been very "shove it down everybody's throat" about it like a lot of bloggers are.. I appreciate that about you! :)

  2. You're not alone!!! I'm not a Mormon (how do the two, blogging & Mormonism, go together like pb&j? what's the correlation?!)
    I don't do fashion posts or blog about wine. On occasion I try to get crafty but it never really pans out & I've yet to make a blogger friend online or in person. I follow the rules- I'm trying to post regularly. I read a shit ton of other people's blogs. I pay attention and I comment thoughtfully but I still can't seem to break into the circle. It may seem shameful BUT I WANT TO BE IN THE CLUB!

    BTW, I recently revamped my page - there are a lot of tips & freebies out there, that require minimal effort, to fancy up your blog. It's super easy just a little time consuming. If you have time on a rainy day and a little bit of patience you can make a super cute/fancy layout! (I'm the most impatient person ever but I forced myself to do it.)


    ps that up there is the one and only html code I know and I only just memorized it this week. :D

    1. Hey! I checked out your blog...what a cute design! Thanks for the comments, as well. I have been checking out some blogs that have good tips for design and stuff, but I somehow keep seeming to mess up the HTML coding when I try to actually put it up on my page! Ugh. So annoying! I'll keep trying though. :)

    2. Thanks mama! And yes, don't give up! Just think, once you're happy with the design you won't have to mess with it again for... years? months? I'm guessing. haha (I'm just learning the do's & don'ts so I don't know proper protocol)

  3. I am married, but I am not Mormon and I don't feel the need to photography every meal and drink. I don't care about fashion and designer names. I'll happily take my $2 planner that I found on clearance at Target instead of an Erin Condren one. I work a cashier job with an irregular schedule. I don't sit at a desk from Monday through Friday and blog/tweet about how work is soooo crazy (The work day is crazy, yet the person has time to blog and be on Twitter and Instagram?).

    1. Ha... It's so funny that I just put that up about never taking pictures of food or drink, but then this week when I was having birthday dinners and all that, I took all kinds of pictures. I'm such a nerd. Haha.

      Also, I hear you about people who are always like, "omg, work is so stressful and crazy", but then they're constantly putzing around online. Seems a bit counter productive to me! :)

  4. I feel like this all the time, and I'm right there with you for at least 3/4 of your list! Sometimes when I'm blogging, especially when I'm trying to start a conversation with another blogger (with their ultra-fashionable, super sized blog) I feel a bit like the awkward girl in the lunchroom that no one really wants to talk to, they just take the "nod and smile" approach. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who's ever felt that way!

    P.S. I would totally hang out with you on the playground. :)

  5. Just got here from your newer post and cheers for unmarried, non-brand buying hot messes who blog anyway! Although it looks like you figured out the html stuff at some point since this post - your header and side bar look fantastic!

  6. I'm unmarried and when people ask if the guy I frequently talk about is my boyfriend, I say, "Uhh.. I guess?" I'm not mormon. I only take photos of food when I made it or I'm halfway through it. I don't buy planners. I was never a boy band fan. I never rocked jelly shoes, but had some super hawt neon socks. I'm too poor to shop at any place more expensive than Kohl's/Marshall's/Ross, but wish I could be super rich and be a J.Crew groupie. I consider dressing up putting on a bra and wtf is makeup unless its a major life event? I will admit to be fairly good at scheduling posts (after working on them for a week at a time). I bought my blog domain and that's the most impressive thing I can do regarding blog design and idk what a "blog brand" even is.

    I'm Teh Megan, BFFs? :)


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