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Friday, July 12, 2013

Confessional Friday {Link up}: Embarrassing Moments

confessional friday

One of my favorite parts of the week is linking up with the lovely Leslie for Confessional Fridays! Today's topic is embarrassing moments, which is awesome. I have more than any normal person should, I think, but oh well...c'est la vie. 

And off we go...... 

I spilled a bloody mary all over my boyfriend’s mother’s white shorts the very first time I met her. In front of two of his brothers and their wives, who I was also meeting for the very first time. Apparently, I like to leave an impression. 

I tripped at work and fell flat on the floor so hard that the building shook, and people were coming from other floors to find out what happened and make sure everything was okay. I also knocked the wind out of myself so bad that I struggled to breathe for the rest of the day. And then everybody at work called me Grace. Because they thought it was funny. Jerks.

I had a leeeeetttttlle bit too much to drink at my going away party before I moved to Vegas, and ended up knocking over a bunch of people’s beers, and spilling water (that I was supposed to drink, to help me sober up) all over the place. Thankfully none of it landed on me, though, so I was just drunk, instead of drunk and soaking wet. #SilverLining

I dated “C” for a year before I had the guts to actually break up with him, even though I knew it was a bad idea after about three weeks. What a cluster eff that was. *shaking head at my idiotic self*

I wore an awesome wrap that I had gotten in the Philippines as a skirt to church one day. I thought I had it pinned up properly, but apparently not so much, because when a gust of wind came up, I suddenly found myself wearing nothing south of the border but my icky granny-panty-laundry-day underwears. And of course my crush saw it. Figures.

I was so frustrated and stressed and exhausted that one time I cried outside a Starbucks for like, an hour. People kept stopping to make sure I was okay, and all I could do was blubber at them that I was fine, and appreciated their kindness in stopping, but really *gasp, cough, sniff, hiccup* “I’m fine.”

I broke my wrist trying to show off a flip in the church parking lot in the middle of January. Not my proudest moment.

I once was working on a word search while on a family road trip, and forgot how to pronounce the word “calf”. I was completely confused, and made the mistake of asking my family what it was, while enunciating each sound. I still get crap about it, 18 years later, but at least that wasn’t as bad as my brother mispronouncing “faux pas” by saying “fox pass”. Ha.

What are your most embarrassing confessions?

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  1. The bloody Mary one...wow...I would have been tempted to just run or drive away without saying a word!

    You know how purses have a way of making items disappear inside them? One time, three co-workers and I went out together. We stopped by a bar where you had to show your ID to get inside. I had a crush on one of the co-workers. Of course, we get to the entrance and my driver's license is nowhere to be found in my purse! One of my co-workers and I stepped aside and spent a good five minutes digging through my purse to find it, while my crush and the other co-worker watched. I was sooo embarrassed. I have now been married to that crush for more than two years, but I still shudder when thinking about this!

  2. Oh I definitely thought about just running away, that's for sure! Thankfully, though, I did manage to get over the humiliation quickly, so I was able to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    I'm glad your embarrassing moment turned out okay!!


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