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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Not gonna do it...Wouldn't be prudent.

It's Tuesday! And you all know what that means... 

Yep. We're linking up with Neely for another edition of "Never, Ever, Ever..."

And away we go.. 

…will I not think that Jack’s makes some delicious frozen pizza

…will I stop loving going to movies

…would I complain about a great thunderstorm, even at night

…would I not be excited about dinner at The Melting Pot

...will I understand why certain people refuse to get out of their own way

…would I turn down an Amazon gift card

…would I be upset if people gave me presents, just because

…will I get tired of watching documentaries about the ocean

…would I have a long-distance relationship again

…will I not love the ambiance the white Christmas lights provide, and wish I could put them up in my house without making it look like a dorm room

…will I think there is a better way to eat green beans than straight from the plant in the garden

…will I stop reading mystery books and loving them

...will I understand the nuances of blog design and HTML coding

...would I turn down a home on a lake (or with a view of a lake or ocean)

…could I ever possibly be bored of watching “Friends”

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  1. Dropping in by way of the link up and I must say that this is the BEST Never Ever Ever that I've read YET!! Kudos! hehe
    I would rather jump out a 3rd story window than ATTEMPT to learn or understand html-- as I look for a window now! Amazon gift cards and "just because" gifts.. count me in!!


    1. Aww, thanks! I actually did try for a while to try and figure it out, and then when I was ready to jump out the window myself, I just gave up. Just as with detailing a car, or dicing onions, I find it much easier to just throw some money at the problem and have someone else handle it!!


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