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Monday, July 22, 2013

When I'm 40..

When I am 40 years old, my perfect day will look like this
crap i'm 40

I should probably point out that technically,no perfect day of mine would start with me being 40, because that thought  scares me more than a little bit. But then again, 30 is pretty terrifying for me too, and that’s coming right up, so I guess I just have to put on my big girl panties and learn to love it.
Also, I wasn’t quite sure which kind of day he was referencing (vacation, regular weekday, Saturday, etc.), so I decided to go with the one I’ll most likely be experiencing the most – a regular weekday.

When I’m 40, my day will start slowly, and gently. None of this alarm clock blaring out big noises nonsense. I’ll have one of those fancy-schmancy sunrise lamps that brings light into the room gradually. This will be good not only for me, but for everyone around me, since I am an absolute menace in the mornings if I’m woken up too quickly, or in any other manner I deem inappropriate.

I’ll be able to spend a little time relaxing on my deck, drinking delicious coffee with just. Then I’ll hit the ground running to get ready for the day. Hopefully, by the time I’m 40 my hair will have figured out how to be a dear and just do itself so I won’t have to fuss with it. I imagine there will be children and a husband running about as well, who have places to go and people to see, so we’ll all be scampering through the house in the best kind of organized chaos to make sure we all get to where we’re supposed to be when we’re supposed to be there.

I’ll have a lovely house with fresh flowers all over the place, because they’re so pretty and they just make everything seem so much more cheerful. So even during the morning madness, I’ll be able to literally stop and smell the roses, which will be just delightful. Plus, fresh flowers always make me happy, so I think they should always be around. 
beautiful flowers

I will be a licensed and practicing therapist by this point, so I’ll take my little self on over to my office. Oh, did I mention that I’m in private practice when I’m 40? Yeah, I’m kind of a big deal. Anyway, my office will have even more coffee (yay!), so I’ll indulge in some of that deliciousness.

I’ll meet my handsome hubby for lunch, and we will discuss such titillating topics as who will be picking the kiddo(s) up from school/sports/rehearsal/friend’s house, what we will be having for dinner, and whose turn it is to do the grocery shopping. I know, I know…my 40 year old self is wildly fascinating.

i love my husband
The afternoon will be spent with some more clients, where I will of course do all kinds of incredible good for the world. Then that evening, I’ll come home to a meal that is already on the table, courtesy of my wonderful husband who had previously volunteered to do all the picking up of children and cooking of meals that needed to be done.  

We’ll enjoy a nice family meal, and then play some kind of fun game together as a family. We may also work on some homework with the kids. I would also get the chance to go for a workout, or at least a nice walk.

Then, after the night has settled, and the kids are in bed, Husband and I will sit down with a glass of wine and debrief our day for a bit. Then we will snuggle on the couch watching the news or a movie or something. Actually, he will probably watch the news or whatever. I’ll probably fall asleep, since that seems to be my M.O. when I sit down to watch tv at night already, and I don’t see it changing as I get older.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more this kind of day sounds really appealing, despite the fact that I’ll be 40 (yikes!). It’s almost like the most exciting kind of boring, because it’s the kind of boring you build for yourself. So now I can’t wait to be this boring!! J

What will your perfect day look like when you’re 40?

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  1. i'll be rich and retired, living in Europe eating crepes and fruit on a balcony with an attractive and loving man by my side while I paint. <3

  2. Hmm. That actually sounds pretty great, too. I just went with the idea of what I figured would be most likely.. I'll come visit you when you live in Europe and eat fruit and crepes with you!

  3. I'll be jobless and will enjoy it. Maybe visiting my daughter's baby shower. Too young to be a granny!
    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella


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