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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Never, Ever, Ever will I be late to a link up. Just kidding!!!

**Quick note: I know I'm a whole day late to getting this done, but yesterday I was sick, so I didn't do anything blog related. Sorry!**

It's time for another week of "Never Ever Ever"!! I love this link up because a.) it's fun to come up with my own new list every week, and b.) it is SO fun to read everyone else's! 

So, again, my apologies for being late...and here we go! :)

Never, Ever, Ever........
Will I think that duck faces are sexy instead of funny

Will I think that having a big huge wedding is really all that important

Have I enjoyed the taste of black coffee

Did I think I would actually enjoy painting freehand off the top of my head

Did I think I was going to spend my birthday at Noah's Ark

Will I think that Oreos are a bad idea

Will I not love wearing sandals (as long as my toes are pedicured)

Do I think I'll master the art of actually doing my own hair in a cool style

Will I be able to blow dry my hair and round brush it at the same time

Will I not have a part of me that wishes I could have gone to actual public or even private school at least for high school

Will I not love being able to sleep in

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  1. I can't imagine not going to public school! Were you home schooled?


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