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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 5: Publicly Admitting Blog Love...

In an effort to write more frequently, I decided to take part in the Blogging Every Day in May challenge. I know I’m coming into it a few days behind, so I’ll be posting quite a few things in the next couple days as I get caught up.

Day Five of this challenge is all about publicly confessing my love and admiration for a fellow blogger (or bloggers, as the case may be is). I was super excited about this, because I have really grown to enjoy quite a few blogs, and I’m thrilled to share them with you!

At the top of my list is Bethany Grow, from Love Grows Design. I randomly stumbled across her blog Love the Grows (now retired) on Pinterest while I was looking for date ideas and I was instantly hooked. She is incredibly sweet and talented, and her blog is so refreshing to read. Even though she focuses almost entirely on design in her current blog, she still manages to write something that hits home with me in my own non-design-centered life. I was actually inspired to start blogging on my own because of Bethany’s blog, so she deserves a special shout-out. And besides all that….really, how can you look at this adorable smile and not smile yourself? J

I’ve also been following Katie, at All Things Katie Marie for a while now. She posts a lot of really great stuff, like recipes, DIY and craft tips, gift ideas, event planning tips, classroom ideas for teachers, and (my personal favorite part) the outfits she puts together! Katie is so talented at putting together the perfect party, creating stylish outfits, and revitalizing spaces. I have modeled many an outfit of my own after her creations as well, which is great, since I myself have absolutely no sense of style whatsoever.

Another great blog that I have only recently discovered, but find to be completely hilarious, is Katy's blog Adventures In Adulthood. She writes from the perspective of a recent college graduate who doesn't necessarily have all the answers about where her life will take her in upcoming years. I can really identify with her writing, and every one of her posts has made me think, made me giggle, or both! 

What blogs do you love? Leave me a link in the comments, and I’ll be sure to check them out!


  1. Thank you so so much!! You are too sweet! And I'm so glad you got started blogging! It's a wonderful world to be a part of!

  2. Thanks so much for following my blog! I'm loving your blog as well!


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